You Won’t Even Notice I’m Here

Gregory ColbertRory Smith (Sadder Song)
Nev Cottee (The Sun Also Rises)
Baby Blue (Fundamentals)
Lullatone (Cannonball Splash)
The Great And Powerful Gizmo (Surfers Don’t Cry)
Lord Echo (Arabesque)
Kitasono Minami (Lemonade)
Mr. Ondioline (Nola)
Malpinho (El Lava de Gabacho)
Panhandle (Click Clap)
Kaki King (Montreal)
Tindersticks (Goodbye Joe)
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa (Big Shadow Montana)
Adhitia Sofyan (I Won’t Go To Bed)
Yosi Horikawa (Bubbles)
Poemsounds (Chimera)
S. McLoughlin & A. Cooper (Hexagons Above Dovestones)

Photo credit: Gregory Colbert /// Ashes and Snow project.

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