You Are My Favorite Book

Sophie BlackallBishop Allen (Start Again)
The Leisure Society (The Sober Scent Of Paper)
Woods (Moving To The Left)
Jessica Lea Mayfield (I Wanna Love You)
Beverly (Honey Do)
Spark Alaska (Red Thread)
Magic Trick (Come Inside)
Alden Penner (Precession)
Tim Burgess (The Economy)
Gregory Alan Isakov (Saint Valentine)
The War On Drugs (Comin’ Trough)
Beck (Love)
Why? (The Plan)
Ewert And The Two Dragons (In The End There’s Only Love)
Papercuts (Family Portrait)
The 13th Duke (No Sé)
Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan (I’ve Got Mine)

Photo credit: Yellow Book by Sophie Blackall

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