Yesterday When I Was Young

Rene GruauThe Deep Freeze Mice (Minstrel Radio Yogurt)
The Bats (I Go Wild)
The Wee Cherubs (Dreaming)
Robyn Hitchcock (My Wife And My Dead Wife)
The Gits (Happy Song)
The Sullivans (This Is Were We Part)
Reserve (Last Train Home)
Penelope’s Web (The Gap)
Mighty Mighty (Last Summer)
HoneyBunch (Candy Breath)
The Bartlebees (Music Sounds Better With You)
The Creams (You’ve Been Standing In The Middle Of Rooms)
The Clean (Tally Ho)
The Bridge (The Loveless)
Family Fodder (Film Music)
Henry’s Dress (Sally Wants)
The Hit Parade (House Of Sarah)
McCarthy (The Well Of Loneliness)

Photo credit: René Gruau

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