Yes, I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You

David SzauderSales (Renee)
Casimer & Casimir (O Sweet Joe Pye)
The Vacuum Dreamers (Iris The Serene & Judy The Obscure)
The Mae Trio (William Morris)
Father John Misty (Nancy From Now On)
Darren Hayman & The Long Parliament (Henrietta Maria)
Luke Temple (Florida)
Lissy Trullie (Madeleine)
Thieves Like Us (Maria Marie)
Allah Las (Sandy)
Bitch Perfect (Adelaide)
Ex Cops (James)
Sarah Jaffe (Clementine)
Astrid Williamson (Eve)
Night Beds (Ramona)
Electric Guest (Jenny)
Trails And Ways (Tereza)
San Fermin (Daedalus)


Photo credit: Eva’s glamour from David Szauder’s Failed Memory series.

“One day she wasn’t able to drink water anymore, just champagne. But from the bubbles which is highly consists in the champagne she become paranoid.”

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