Today Is Gonna Be Great

todayHayden Desser (Rainy Saturday)
Eric & Magill (Tangled Up In Nets)
Sweet Baboo (Let’s Go Swimming Wild)
Jamaican Queens (Water)
Big Harp (Waiting For Some Drunk)
Maston (Messages)
Nightlands (So Far So Long)
Sophia Knapp (Times Square)
Alessi’s Ark (Tin Smithing)
Steve Mason (Fire!)
Akron/Family (River)
Lawrence Arabia (Travelling Shoes)
Jacco Gardner (Clear The Air)
Taken By Trees (Dreams)
Stornoway (Beachcomber’s Windowsill)
Shoemansky (What If I Said – feat. Tony Harris)

Photo credit: © Molly Jacques Illustration & Hand Lettering 2013.

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