The Years Go Fast And The Days Go So Slow

Delphine CaulyStarlight Girls (Flutterby)
Devon Williams (Revelations)
The Elected (Babyface)
Robyn Hitchcock (Be Still)
Dumbo Gets Mad (Plumy Tale)
Jessie Baylin (Little Trouble Girl)
The Very Most (Changing Me)
Woods (God’s Children)
Bubblegum Lemonade (You’re Still Beautiful When You’re Sad)
The Orchids (I Just Don’t Care)
Black Tambourine (Whats Your Game)
Fujiya & Miyagi (Knickerbocker)
Should (Just Not Today)
Fossil Collective (Guaratuba)
The Stalactite Singers Family Band (The Lights)
Archaster (I Love You More Than Summertime)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Dreamers Die Hard)
Dark Dark Dark (How It Went Down)

Photo credit: Diabolo Menthe, ink and gouache on paper by Delphine Cauly

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