Forms of Compensation

Jade Bird – Now Is The Time
Tim Atlas – Courtside
Goldensuns feat. Warpaint – Empty
Joseph of Mercury – Pretty Blonde Boy
Young & Sick feat. Munya – Angels
Dylan Cartlidge – Family
Joy Crookes – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
Rüde Cåt – Brown Liquor
Curtis Harding – I Won’t Let You Down
Dan Croll – On Top
Molly Burch – Heart of Gold
Sir Sly – Welcomes The Pressure
NoMBe – Something To Hold On To
Magic City Hippies feat. Maye – Water Your Garden
Ruben Dawnson – Hold Your Head
Glassio – Queen Of The Silver City
Still Woozy – That’s Life
Kowloon – Hurt
Neko Case – Halls Of Sara (RAC Mix)

Photo credit: Photograph by Birthe Piontek

Conscience & Cowardice

Dent May – Across The Multiverse (feat. Frankie Cosmos)
Kacey Johansing – Bow And Arrow
Foreign/National – Mr Unlucky
Girlpool – It Gets More Blue
Reptaliens – If You Want
The Electric Pop Group – Postcard
Sure Sure – Hands Up Head Down
Gizmo Varillas – Hold On
Cones – Echoes On
Her’s – I’ll Try
Sea Pinks – Watercourse
Soccer Mommy – Out Worn
Minden – Real Sugar
Hamjam – Lean
Fake Laugh – I Made A Sound
Big Thief – Mythological Beauty

Photo credit: Lacklustre me (watercolour on paper) by Hülya Özdemir.

Fear Reminds Us To Be Present

Manjit Thapp

Seekae (Turbine Blue)
Computer Magic (Dimensions)
The Radio Dept. (Swedish Guns)
Liyv (Feeling Like Me)
Bad Sea (Solid Air)
Laurel (Hurricane)
Ten Fe (Turn)
Elohim (Hallucinating)
Donna Missal (Slide)
FFX (Little Boy)
Hanne Mjøen (Perfect Noise)
Tender (Violence)
Lonely Benson (Moonstone)
Kingston (Sole Lovers)
Anteros (Ring Ring)
Leon Power (Open Up)
Jason Nolan (The Offing)

Photo credit: Illustration by Manjit Thapp


Guess The Thought

Antonella MontesGrace Acladna (London)
Maria Usbeck (Moai Y Yo)
Yumi Zouma (Keep It Close To Me)
Oscar (Good Things)
Arthur Wimble (I Love My Love)
Apothek (Family)
Mind Enterprises (Stamps)
Σtella (Works For You)
Radiation City (Milky White)
Love Ssega (Pray For Love)
Kinds (Hands Up)
Balancer (Clarity)
Pell (Pretty Things)
Cool Sounds (In Blue Skies)
Hunter As A Horse (Fallen Leaves)
Tarantina (I Am A Loner)
Saint Sister (Madrid)

Photo credit: Red arms by Antonella Montes a.k.a. Lantomo

Nature And Nurture

Eva ymetal IsisStatic Animal (Majorca)
She-Devils (Come)
The Goon Sax (Boyfriend)
Pete Astor (My Right Hand)
Bad Sounds (Avalanche)
Andy Shauf (Jenny Come Home)
Strawberry Whiplash (Time Takes You Away)
Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye (O Papa)
Lucy Dacus (I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore)
Snøskred (Puzzle)
Young Husband (Waverley Street)
Bruising (Emo Friends)
Shunkan (Paleontologist)
Jessie Jones (Quicksilver Screen)
Teen (All About Us)
Moss Lime (I Always Get What I Want)
Flowers (Ego Loss)
Mothers (It Hurts Until It Doesn’t)

Photo credit: Isis, silver and gold piece by ymetal


All You Need Is Less

Sofia OkkonenMimicking Birds (Owl Hoots)
Seekae (Monster)
Sivu (Particles)
Bellows (Sacred Heart)
Sondre Lerche (Sentimentalist)
She Keep Bees (Radiance)
Josef Salvat (Shoot And Run)
Soak (B a noBody)
Forest Swords (Thor’s Stone (Lee “Scratch” Perry Remix)
Fake Laugh (As I Get To Know You Better)
Harper Lee (Train Not Stopping)
Foreign/National (Life Tourist)
D.R.A.M. (Cha Cha)
Blood Cultures (Meavy Hetal)
Ivory Yardsale (Sleep Easy)
Laurelle & Alexander (Life Underwater)
Elder Island (The Big Unknown)

Photo credit: Personal / Untitled by Sophia Okkonen

Miles Ahead

Thomas JacksonSinkane (New Name)
Vogue Dots (Turns And Turns)
Furns (Keeper)
Rudi Zygadlo (Lily)
Bat And Ball (Stop My Mouth)
Generationals (Gold Silver Diamond)
Palmistry (Protector SE5)
Yus (20 Million)
Little Dragon (Let Go)
Oscar & The Wolf (Strange Entity)
Shura (Just Once)
Cold Clinical Love (Creepers – feat. Kid Cudi)
Ed Thomas (Hurt)
Hugh (I Can’t Figure You Out)
James Wolf (Heart & Soul – DRUGS Remix)
Yuko Yuko (Crying In The Discotheque)

Photo credit: Emergent Behavior: Glow sticks no. 1 by Thomas Jackson

Shine On You

Karina EibatovaElectric Youth (Innocence)
Naomi Pilgrim (No Gun)
Banoffee (Got It)
Yalls (High Society)
Lincoln Jesser (Certainty)
Jaded Inc. (People Change)
Wet (Dreams)
Tom Misch (Now)
Thievery Corporation (Depth Of My Soul – feat. Shana Halligan)
Doldrums (Sunrise)
Navvi (Speak)
Woolfy (City Lights)
Lia Ices (Higher)
Lany (Hot Lights)
Tristesse Contemporaine (Fire)
Sui Zhen (Midriffs)
Elliot Moss (Slip)

Photo credit: “Mineral” – Healing Crystals by Karina Eibatova

Summer Blast

Summer2014D/R/U/G/S (Overcome – feat. Fé)
OJ Law (Star Stop)
Gym And Swim (Octopussy)
Fozzey & VanC (Gimme Love)
TV Girl (Birds Don’t Sing)
Benin City (Bus)
Johnny Lloyd (Pilgrims)
Wunder Wunder (Coastline)
Holiday Sidewinder (Carousel)
Decent Lovers (Me And Puppykitty)
Spider Bags (Japanese Vacation)
Ploy (Friend Of A Friend)
The Duke, Detroit (Summer’s Come)
The Wytches (The Holy Tightrope)
Melted Toys (Blush)
Mount Sharp (Icarus)
Broke For Free (Summer Spliffs)

Photo credit: Floating flamingo at Seafolly Australia’s official Instagram account

Dancing On My Own

Marga CorametaConner Youngblood (Confidence)
All We Are (Feel Safe)
Elephant (Elusive Youth)
Sway Clarke II (Secret Garden)
RLMDL (Bilingual)
Airling (Ouroboros)
Lowell (The Bells)
Glass Animals (Rework – feat. Chester Watson)
Daniel Wilson (Please Dream Again)
Wake Owl (Candy)
Francis And The Lights (If They Don’t Come Tomorrow)
Kyla La Grange (Cut Your Teeth)
Timothy Bloom (Stand In The Way (Of My Love))
Mahaut Mondino (Vodoo Me)
Zoo Brother (If I Could (You Would Know))
Khushi (Phantoms)
Sales (Chinese New Year)
Bea1991 (Breadwinner)
Fort Jams (Jacket Inside)
The Blow (From The Future)
Wye Oak (The Tower)
Woman’s Hour (Darkest Place)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Lonely Woman)


Photo credit: Dancing with myself, by Marga Corameta