The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

“She wished there was some place where she could go to hum it out loud. Some kind of music was too private to sing in a house cram fall of people. It was funny, too, how lonesome a person could be in a crowded house.” ― Carson McCullers

Terence Donovan

Steady Holiday (Superstar)
Sample Answer (No Need To Stay)
Molly Burch (Downhearted)
Cass McCombs (Run Sister Run)
Sam Evian (I Need A Man)
Soft Hair (Lying Has To Stop)
Liyv (Now You Say You Love Me)
Norwegian Arms (How We Move)
Sleeping Loops (Pooling)
Girlboss (Mrs. Doubtfire)
Mild High Club (Homage)
Tourist Dollars (Ageless)
Cory Hanson (Ordinary People)
Feather Beds (Play Dead)
Tasseomancy (Do Easy)

Photo credit: Terrence Donovan. Editorial by Caroline Baker, photographed by Terence Donovan, for Nova, June 1973.

To Draw Strength From Weakness

Laura LiedoNo Vacation (August)
Pure Bathing Culture (Pray For Rain)
Khushi (Stories)
Le Couleur (Starlite)
El Perro Del Mar (Ding Sum)
Pional (Casualty)
Rjd2 (We Come Alive – feat. Son Little)
Geowulf (Saltwater)
Bellows (Orange Juice)
Madeira (Come On Thru)
The Linedots (Small Talk)
Gothic Tropic (How Life Works)
Bad Wave (3AM)
Hydrogen Sea (Beating Heart)
Jagwar Ma (Give Me A Reason)

Photo credit: Illustration by Laura Liedo for “El malpensante” Magazine.

Time To Escape The Hellish Summer

I would love to dance in the day but the weather is so hot that I can only think about running far away from here. Let’s drive, let’s go!


Yours (Forever, Never)
Edward Vanzet (Everyday)
Poolside (Oh Honey (Poolside Edit))
Oyls (Maps)
El Perro Del Mar (Breadandbutter)
Alex Cameron (She’s Mine)
Betsy (Time)
T.O.L.D. (Master Of Species)
Shining Bird (Helluva Lost)
Amber Arcades (Turning Light)
Islands (Fear)
Sam Padrul (Hold On Me – feat. Mammals)
Self Portraits (Stuck In Our Dreams)
Atlas Bound (Lullaby)
Alice Jemima (So)

Photo credit: Summer Love by Henn Kim, print available at Society6

The Heart Skipped A Beat

Michela Picchi collageMarissa Nadler (Katie I Know)
The Echocentrics (Gettin’ Away With You Gal – feat. Bill Callahan)
Lawrence Arabia (A Lake)
Amarillo (Islands & Diamonds)
Elisa Coia (These Days)
Beth Orton (1973)
Alice Boman (Be Mine – Jaakko Eino Kalevi Remix)
Giorgio Tuma (Maude Hope – feat. Laetitia Sadier)
Salt Cathedral (No Ordinary Man)
Andy Shauf (The Magician)
Motorama (Holy Day)
Júníus Meyvant (Neon Experience)
Eerie Wanda (I Am Over Here)
Steady Holiday (Open Water)
Kevin Morby (Destroyer)

Photo credit: Dive, collage by Michela Picchi on Behance

Spring Rain

Alix BranwynVia Tania (I See You Tiger)
Terror Bird (And Every Yesterday)
Tom Rosenthal (Go Solo)
Fossa (Five Days)
Avid Dancer (All Your Words Are Gone)
Summer Fiction (Lauren Lorraine)
Rozi Plain (Actually)
Baxter Dury (Pleasure)
Houndstooth (Borderlands)
Cat’s Eyes (The Duke Of Burgundy)
Nadine Shah (Stealing Cars)
Prins Obi (Weekend Lovers)
Mike Barrett (A Blue Shirt)
Cosmo Sheldrake (Pelicans We)
Freedom Fry (Break Into A Musical)
Misun (After Me)
Torres (Cowboy Guilt)
Fragics (Toy Cars)

Photo credit: Umbrella Illustration by Alix Branwyn

One Hundred Happy Mondays

One hundred Mondays with you. Thanks for being there!

Daisuke NimuraMoonbabies (24)
Conner Youngblood (Mercury)
Bent Shapes (Trouble)
Lyon & Lowe (One Million Chances)
Pranava Mantra (Old Room)
Surf Club (Until Then)
The Weather Station With Marine Dreams (First Letter)
Be Good (I’d Have Told You Anything)
Ages And Ages (Divisionary (Do The Right Thing))
Vanessa Contenay Quiñones (La Fille De L’Air)
Joey Fourr (Gold Boy)
Decent Lovers (Compromising Young Thing)
Peter Matthew Bauer (Philadelphia Raga)
Louds (Ways)
Seasick Mama (Cooked Inside Out)
Deep Sea Diver (One By One)
SOS (Dead Or Alive)
Hahah (Out Of Touch)
Sye Elaine Spence (Bloom)

Photo credit: Illustration by Daisuke Nimura

Is It Over Yet?

From Us With LoveMemoryhouse (This Will Be Our Year)
The Windmills (When It Was Winter)
Mindy Gledhill (Winter Moon)
The Royal Landscaping Society (Frost)
Worries (Those Days)
Fresh Snow (Snow’s Victory)
Erin Costelo (Let It Go)
Maps (In The Bleak Midwinter – feat. Polly Scattergood)
Clemence Freschard (Bad Year)
Alexander Von Mehren (Winter Comes)
The Heavy Blinkers (I Should Be Sleeping – feat. Sean O’Hagan)
Pale Sunday (The Winter Song)
Ides (Old Year/New Year)
Charlotte Cornfield (Last Winter – feat. Chris Shannon)
Slipslide (Baked Alaska)
The Fairways (Winter Song)
Familiar Trees (Icicle)

Photo credit: California Coulter Pine Cone (Pinus Coulteri) Scale 1:1 Print designed by From Us With Love. And produced by Paper Collective. 15% of sales are donated to World Wide Foundation (WWF)

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Tim BarberShintaro Sakamoto (You Just Decided)
Holly Miranda (Forest Green Oh Forest Green)
Vacationer (Be With You)
Lonely Drifter Karen (Comet)
The Phoenix Foundation (Bitte Bitte)
St Gregory Orange (Salem AM)
The Go Find (Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight)
Jon Kennedy (Tonto Rides The Gain)
Night Moves (Headlights)
Liam Hayes & Plush (White Telescope)
Peggy Sue (Torture)
Marques Toliver (Deep In My Heart)
Forest Fire (The News)
Small Black (Free At Down)
Reptar (Phonetics)
The Ruby Suns (In Real Life)
Francois & The Atlas Mountains (Les Plus Beaux – Naïve New Beaters Remix)

Photo credit: Photograph by Tim Barber.