Yes Indeed. (Things Have Never Been More Strange)

Kara feat. Devendra Barnhart – Bright Future Ahead
Tiny Ruins – Holograms
Night Shop – The Ship Has Sailed
Jessica Risker – I See You Among The Stars
Strand Of Oaks – Keys
Swimming Bell – 1988
Damien Jurado – South
Juliana Daugherty – Baby Teeth
Ohtis – Runnin
Tunng – Crow
Lens Mozer – I Wanna Love You
Jessca Hoop feat. Lucius – Shoulder Charge
Twain – Inner Beauty
Victoria Hume – If I Had A Sword

Photo credit: Let your mind roam free by Walid Bukhari via his Instagram

Three Months Or Three Years

Lightning Dust – When It Rains
Dana Gavanski – One by One
Twain – Solar Pilgrim
Guster – Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying (Labi Siffre Cover)
Okay Kaya – Ascend And Try Again
Molly Burch – Only One
Joan Shelley – Where I’ll Find You
M. Ward – El Rancho
Kevin Morby – Come To Me Now
Cat Clyde – So Cold
Cote – At The Bottom
Laura Jean Anderson – Who Am I To You
Soccer Mommy – Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes
Whitney – Far, Far Away
French For Rabbits – Middle Of The House
Moses Sumney – Me In 20 Years

Photo credit: Digital collage by Ouzo Kim

The Tie That Bind Us

According to an ancient myth, an invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

Miren Asiain Lora

Death Vessel (Mercury Dime)
Crying Boys Cafe (The Road)
Laura Jean (Don’t Marry The One You Love)
Jenn Grant (If I Needed You – feat. Henry Wagons)
Angel Olsen (All Right Now)
Tom Brosseau (You Can’t Stop)
Foy Vance (She Burns)
Alex Bleeker And The Freaks (Leave On The Light)
Arborist (Twisted Arrow – feat. Kim Deal)
Kalle Mattson (A Love Song To The City)
Luluc (Without A Face)
Joni Fatora (Blueless Bird)
Oh So Quiet (Rain At Night)
Dylan LeBlanc (Cautionary Tale)
Benjamin (I’m Going To Choose To Love You)
Frazey Ford (Indian Ocean)

Photo credit: Abrazo by Miren Asiain Lora

I Carefully Burned The Past

She reminds me of me. Yesterday I burned all the letters of love and friendship I had left, I threw away all my old and useless contracts and tore some photographs of people I did not remember… I would be someone else.

Seiichi Hayashi

Hawaiin Boi (Varsity Cool)
Alex Burey (Inside World)
Liu Bei (Field – feat. Rachel Goswell)
Sonya Kitchell (Follow Me In)
Martin Mey (It Just Happens – feat. Paulette Wright)
Thom Byles (The Great Outdoors)
Miya Folick (I Think This Is The Dream Where I Met You)
Jerkcurb (Somerton Beach)
Howard (Falling)
Maybug (Out To Sea)
Husky (Mirror)
Briana Marela (Take Care Of Me)
Emilie & Ogden (The Thousand)
Tiny Ruins (Hurtling Through)
Be Brave Benjamin (He Only Loves You When You’re Sleeping)
Jenn Grant (Throw Your Arms Around Me)

Photo credit: Illustration by Seiichi Hayashi.



Lazy Days

Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer and roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Those days of soda and pretzels and beer…


Case/Lang/Veirs (Honey And Smoke)
Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop (Every Songbird Says)
Steady Holiday (When I See Color)
Britta Phillips (Ingrid Superstar)
Slow Club (Ancient Rolling Sea)
Mutual Benefit (Lost Dreamers)
Jealous Of The Birds (Goji Berry Sunset)
Snowblink (How Now)
Andy Shauf (The Worst In You)
Persuasion (Leave Her Alone)
Thomas Cohen (Bloom Forever)
Laura J. Martin (My Landing Place)
Luka (Pauses Of The Night)
Haunt (Crave)
Har Mar Superstar (How Did I Get Through The Day?)
Cat’s Eyes (Drag)
Zefereli (Stupid Goodbye)

Photo credit: Menina com vaso, illustration by Uinverso

Kiss And Make Up

Jun CenCaroline Polachek (The Boy Who I’ll See Again)
The Blue Jean Committee (Gentle And Soft)
Felicia Douglass (Might)
Tiger Waves (In Retrograde – feat. Jana Horn)
Steady Holiday (Your Version Of Me)
Tallows (Sprawl – feat. Samantha Crain)
Verydeadly (Wolves)
The High Llamas (Here Comes The Rattling Trees)
Dralms (Shook)
Seamus Fogarty (Ducks & Drakes)
The Burning Hell (What You Want)
Stroik (Lonely Feather)
Tim Calleja (Hold Up A Line)
Monk Parker (Sadly Yes)
Lenparrot (Amadeo’s Wife)
Vita Bergen (Schoolyard)
Khruangbin (White Gloves)
Richard Dick (You Know I Love You)

Photo credit: Illustration by Jun Cen – Wissen Greece Issue

Bridges Worth Burning

Bo BartlettThe Big Moon (The Road)
Old Mate (Atmospheric Pressure)
Heather Woods Broderick (Up In the Pine)
Appendixes (Persian Rugs)
Unloved (Guilty Of Love)
Death And Vanilla (Follow The Light)
Chris Staples (Cheap Shades)
Sharon Van Etten (Words)
Kevin Morby (Moonshiner)
Shelf Life (The Curse)
Alden Penner (Candy)
Helvetia (A Dot Running For The Dust)
Fever The Ghost (Peace Crimes)
Hayden (Nowhere We Cannot Go)
Paul de Jong (This Is Who I Am)
Amy Bezunartea (New Villain)
Leithauser Maroon (Proud Irene)


Photo credit: Signal, oil on linen painting by Bo Bartlett

Get Things Done

Mathilde AubierM.I.L.K. (If We Want To)
Tomorrows (Free)
Breakfast (Sally Hansen)
Twin Hidden (Join Hands)
Air Waves (Milky Way)
Bleeders Digest (Creatures Of The Night)
Wesley Fuller (Shock Me)
Beach Baby (U R)
Guns (Ricochet)
Misun (Nobody Knows)
Philco Fiction (June 17)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Hush Down)
Her (Quite Like)
Men I Trust (Break For Lovers – feat. Helena)
Bløsh (Keep Your Tongue)
Miya Folick (Strange Darling)

Photo credit: Jeu de ficelle (String Game) by Mathilde Aubier

Time Means Nothing

Claudine DouryLupa J (Waiting For Her)
The Legends (Keep Him)
Barbarossa (Home – feat. Jose Gonzales)
Rainer (Water)
Refracted Memories (Animals)
Mr Jones & His Visions Of Pearl (With The Pilgrims)
Husky (Ruckers Hill)
Will Joseph Cook (Daisy Chains)
Brave Shores (More Like You)
Trails And Ways (Say You Will)
Sibling (Easy)
Boats (Shallows)
Szymon (Golden)
Giants (Throwback feat. Josef Salvat)
Doe Paoro (The Wind feat. Adam Rhodes)
Fossa (Static)

Photo credit: Claudine Doury, Le port, Aralsk, from series Loulan Beauty, 2003

Yours Sincerely

Diela MaharanieSplit Screens (Home)
Julie Peel (Once More With Feeling)
Conveyor (Holly)
Setec (Lumen Lake)
Luke Yeaman (Losing Control – feat. Maisha Lani)
Honey Bones (My Past)
Dead Times (Feel)
Johnny Lloyd (Happy Humans)
Daniel Wilson (Proofread)
Love Like Birds (Sailorboy)
Novo Amor (So We Drift)
She Keeps Bees (Is What It Is)
A Thousand Fires (Hit The Ground Running – feat. Coury Palermo)
Roman Ruins (Loved One)
Slum Sociable (Constantly Changing)
Low Roar (I’ll Keep Coming)

Photo credit: She hides, she seeks by Diela Maharanie