Hinke SchreuderThe Bulls (Prudence)
Sales (Jamz)
Phoncurves (Heartstrings)
Terribly Yours (Barbara)
Leisure Suite (Feel)
Lovespeake (Tightrope)
Lastlings (Verona)
Arthur Wimble (Hearts)
Dråpe (Replica)
Private Island (Drugs)
Plaza (Again)
Lower Spectrum (Masquerade)
Alma Elste (Limitless)
Bebeheaven (Heaven)
Dorian Pimpernel (Power)
Albert Ryan (Runner)

Photo credit: embroidery work by Hinke Schreuder

No Refuge From Memory

Raymond DepardonMates Of State (Beautiful Kids)
C-Duncan (Here To There)
In Tall Buildings (Unmistakable)
Redspencer (Ride It Out)
Eskimeaux (Broken Necks)
Winter (Someone Like You)
Kathryn Calder (Take A Little Time)
Small Talk (Brothers)
A Yawn Worth Yelling (Start Somewhere)
Husbands (Some Surf)
Street Joy (Grow A Garden)
Born Idiot (Peter Pan)
Ezra Furman (Lousy Connection)
Trudy (All My Love)
Mind Monogram (Through The Looking Glass)
Michael Stasis (Venus Of Soap)

Photo credit: Glasgow, 1980. Photograph by Raymond Depardon

My Friends Are Awesome

Melissa ZexterJohnny Sands (Arno Arno)
Champs (Vamala)
San Fermin (Emily)
Fazerdaze (Jennifer)
Coastgaard (Rose)
Gap Dream (Fantastic Sam)
Kissing Party (Justine)
Minks (Margot)
Breakfast (Sofia)
Conveyor (Anne)
Stealing Sheep (Genevieve)
Lightning Bug (Bobby)
Sulky Boy (Carmela)
Schultz And Forever (Silvia)
Djokovic (Edmund)
Celestial Shore (Valerie)

Photo credit: Cardinal, embroidered portrait by Melissa Zexter

Unexplained Mysteries Of The Universe

Hollis Brown ThorntonThe Dandelion (In The Shadow Of Light)
Beach Baby (No Mind No Money)
Salvadarlings (Tied Eyes)
Gabriel Garzón-Montano (Keep On Running)
Crepes (Stages Of Fear)
The Growlers (Chinese Fountain)
Sam Cohen (Let The Mountain Come To You)
Pavo Pavo (Ran Ran Run)
The Leisure Society (Tall Black Cabins)
Abram Shook (Perfect)
Logan Hyde (My Only Friend)
Portastatic (Hey Salty)
Apache Sun (Club Noir)
Little Wings (By Now)
Bill Fay (War Machine)

Photo credit: Unexplained Mysteries of the Universe (pigment transfer on paper) by Hollis Brown Thornton

Candy Beats

Gray MalinMajken (Where It All Begins)
Ladada (Comets)
Nice Legs (Three)
The Moles (Beauty Queen Of Watts)
Phox (1936)
Musique Le Pop (Mateo)
Prinze George (Make Me)
The Ropes (I Want It All, So I Can Have Nothing)
Blood Orange (It Is What It Is)
Pranava Mantra (Youth)
Champs (White Satellite)
Kyla La Grange (The Knife)
Teenagre (Visitor)
Black Linen (Mental)
These Ghosts (Coat Of Feathers)
Charlie Sugarloaf (Everybody Was Somebody’s Baby)
Happyness (Leave The Party)

Photo credit: Coney Island, photograph by Gray Malin

Girl Friends

Maysun Cheikh AliCheers Elephant (People)
Beaty Heart (Banana Bread)
The Burning Hell (Sentimentalist)
Lyla Foy (Left To Wonder)
Delete All Contacts (Traps)
Freedom Fry (With The New Crowd)
Castanets (Out For The West)
Seoul (White Morning)
Audio Fauna (Silent Peace)
Louie And Patrick (Everything, You Know?)
Astronauts (Everything’s A System, Everything’s A Sign)
Elder Island (What It’s Worth)
Siren (I Think I Like You)
Raleigh Ritchie (The Chased)
Beach Youth (On The Way)
Fé (50/50)
The Landing (Anxieties)

Photo credit: Embroidery work by artist May Cheikh Ali

Family Tree

Maissa TouletDog & Panther (On My Friends)
Say Hi (Love, Love, Love)
Listolet (Lullaby – feat. Beata Bocek)
Sylvan Esso (Hey Mami)
Spark Alaska (Hidden Edelweiss)
Coy Man Boy (My Brothers)
Cymbals (The Natural World)
Elephant Revival (Birds And Stars)
Sleepy Dreamers (Bike Song)
Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht (Hang On To Life)
Cory Becker (Under A Tree)
Little Tybee (Mind Grenade)
Silver Swans (Mother Of Pearl)
Wild Child (Crazy Bird)
Azure Blue (Willows And Pines)
Dan Croll (Home)
Ryan O’Reilly (Gypsy Tree)
Holly Throsby (The Seasons)
Adam Taylor Young (Apple Tree)
Mummy’s A Tree (The Slow Train To Sonsbeek)


Photo credit: Arbre généalogique by Maïssa Toulet

One Fine Day

White SandsThe Milk Carton Kids (Hope Of A Lifetime)
Mice Parade (Couches & Carpets)
Lavender Diamond (Dragonfly)
Islands (In A Dream It Seemed Real)
David Vandervelde (I Will Be Fine)
Beth Jeans Houghton (Atlas)
Bahamas (Okay Alright I’m Alive)
The Helio Sequence (One More Time)
Boy In Static (Toy Baby Grand)
Phosphorescent (Ride On / Right On)
Painted Palms (Carousel)
Woods (Size Meets The Sound)
Fear Of Men (Green Sea)
The Cave Singers (Have To Pretend)
Eleni Mandell (Who You Gonna Dance With)
Amor De Días (Jean’s Weaving)
Wild Child (Pillow Talk)

Photo credit: White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, 1957. Source: Vintage National Geographic scans.