That Which We Do Not Understand

Music is my jaguar, my spirit companion, my daemon… it protects me and helps me see the things I don’t understand.


Death And Vanilla (From Above)
Sea Traffic (Conscious Awake)
Suburban Birds (Losing Your Senses)
The Charlatans (Talking In Tones)
The Happy Couple (Into The Woods)
Here We Go Magic (How Do I Know)
This Is The Kit (Magic Spell)
Phaedra (Lightbeam)
Bayonne (Spectrolite)
Denley (Following A Lie – feat. Briana Marela)
Wymond Miles (Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them)
Guy Fox (Mind’s Eye)
Rachel Zeffira (The Deserters)
Pinkunoizu (The Abyss)

Photo credit: Shamaness, illustration by Essi Kimpimäki for Amelia’s Magazine “That Which We Do Not Understand.”

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

“She wished there was some place where she could go to hum it out loud. Some kind of music was too private to sing in a house cram fall of people. It was funny, too, how lonesome a person could be in a crowded house.” ― Carson McCullers

Terence Donovan

Steady Holiday (Superstar)
Sample Answer (Purple Laughter)
Molly Burch (Downhearted)
Cass McCombs (Run Sister Run)
Sam Evian (I Need A Man)
Soft Hair (Lying Has To Stop)
Liyv (Now You Say You Love Me)
Norwegian Arms (How We Move)
Sleeping Loops (Pooling)
Girlboss (Mrs. Doubtfire)
Mild High Club (Homage)
Tourist Dollars (Ageless)
Cory Hanson (Ordinary People)
Feather Beds (Play Dead)
Tasseomancy (Do Easy)

Photo credit: Terrence Donovan. Editorial by Caroline Baker, photographed by Terence Donovan, for Nova, June 1973.

Science Of Dreams

Yoko TanjiDumbo Gets Mad (Younivers)
Husky Rescue (Far From The Storm)
Giorgio Tuma (Trough Your Hands Love Can Shine – feat. Laetitia Sadier)
Tops (Anything)
Youth Lagoon (Rotten Human)
A Sunny Day In Glasgow (Hey, You’re Mine)
William Alexander (Giant Fade)
Benny Sings (One Of This Hearts)
Petite League (Two Flags)
Tom Low (Phone)
Plastic Mermaids (Painted Lady)
Chris Wilson (Here She Comes)
Globelamp (Washington Moon)
Cloud (Patience Through The Storm)
JJ (Paranoid)
Mined (Bags)
Forced Random (Go Get It)

Photo credit: Illustration by Yoko Tanji

The Greatest Secrets Are Always Hidden In The Most Unlikely Places

Kajsa KlaesenBabes (I’ve Got A Reason To Keep On Living)
Terribly Yours (Answered Prayers)
Mezko (Golden)
Air Waves (Horse Race – feat. Jana Hunter)
Gold Celeste (Open Your Eyes)
Level & Tyson (Tied Up)
Gabriella Cohen (I Don’t Feel So Alive)
Grass House (Unknown In The Scene)
M.I.L.K. (Everything You Know)
Le Printemps (Can’t Have You)
Gardens & Villa (Everybody)
Pearl Charles (I Ran So Far)
The Color Waves (Chirology)
Luke Reed (Across The Room)
Teenagre (Peace Out)
Good Try (Get Me)
Early Ghost (Now I Always Wonder If I Like It Here)

Photo credit: Beach Treasures, illustration poster by Kajsa Klaesén

Inner Garden

Julie DaleydenSlow Club (Tears Of Joy)
Jim Guthrie (Wish I Were You)
Natalie Prass (Why Don’t You Believe In Me)
Blake Mills (If I’m Unworthy)
New God (Ocean Hum)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Wide Awake)
Grammar (New World)
C Duncan (Say)
Howard Ivans (Red Face Boy)
Daniel Rossen (Not Coming Back)
Hunck (Something Missing)
Holy Two (Deep Breath)
William Arcane (Not The Only One)
Here We Go Magic (Everything’s Big)
Grandma Sparrow (The Farewell Bolero)

Photo credit: Jardin intime, engraving by Julie Daleyden

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Scott BensonMaylee Todd (I Don’t Intend To Spend Christmas Without You)
Ages And Ages (We Need A Little Christmas)
Harper Lee (Bad Christmas)
Sha La Das (Sha La Da La La (Christmas Time))
Will Ivy (It’s Cold Outside)
Hello Goodbye (While We’re Still Young)
Dent May (I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas)
The Bird And The Bee (12 Days Of Christmas)
!!! (And Anyway It’s Christmas)
Work Drugs (Nicholas)
Champagne Riot (Xmas Safari)
Dan Croll (A Guardian Christmas)
Gruff Rhys (Post Apocalypse Christmas)
Goldenboy (O’Holy Night)
Steve Fifield (Bootlegger Christmas)
Seth Pettersen (I Called You Last Christmas)
David Myles (Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo)
Tangarine (I Like Christmas (But I Can’t Stand The Cold))
My Morning Jacket (Please Come Home For Christmas)
Kashka (Empty Sleigh (Where’s Rudolph))
NASA – Apollo 8: Merry Christmas
She & Him (The Christmas Waltz)

Photo credit: Yule Goat by Scott Benson

How To Disappear

FesettiEmmy The Great (Swimming Pool)
Lomboy (In The Chamber Of Vanu)
The Ocean Blue (No Money In That)
Elephant (Statuesque)
La Plage (Mark)
The Memory Band (I See Cuckoo)
The Dø (Miracles (Back in Time))
The Steinbecks (Homesickness)
Martin Carr (The Santa Fe Skyway)
She Sir (Bitter Bazaar)
The Lucksmiths (When I’m Walking)
The Camerawalls (Wanderlust)
The Gentle Isolation (Sea Horses)
Chris Weisman (Working On My Skateboarding)
By The Sea (I See A Crystal Sky)
Diners (Out Of The Blue)
Shy Boys (Follow The Leader)

Photo credit: How to disappear technique by Fesetti

Make It Through The Day

Alan AldridgeEwert And The Two Dragons (Good Man Down)
Deerhoof (No One Asked Bazan To Dance – feat. David Bazan)
Case Conrad (Copper Thief)
Gordin Bones (It’s Depressing In A Cave, But I’ll Stay)
The Antlers (Drift Dive)
Zee Avi (Concrete Wall)
Cherub (All – feat. Natalie Prass)
Ages And Ages (Alright You Restless)
Papa Sunshine (Here’s My Fears)
Eyelit (Motionless)
Damien Jurado (Museum Of Flight)
Tashaki Miyaki (Best Friend)
Ducktails (Killing The Vibe – feat. Dent May)
The Helio Sequence (December)
Lost In The Trees (Golden Eyelids)
Yann Tiersen (The Trial)

Photo credit: Book cover of “The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics” by Alan Aldridge

A Stranger’s Comforting Hand On Your Shoulder

Charles F LummisLyla Foy (Only Human)
Scrimshire (Beached)
Kadhja Bonet (Tears For Lamont)
Dan Amor (Sister Anne)
Johnny Lloyd (Dead Beat)
Luluc (Small Window)
Tops (Sleeptalker)
Horse Thief (Little Dust)
Castanets (Tell Them Memphis)
Hayden Calnin (Comatose)
Left Right Arms (Casement)
Furns (Dreaming Of The Sea)
Erland & The Carnival (Daughter)
The Feather (What If)
Brooke Sharkey (I Crossed The Line)
Kwamie Liv (5 AM)
Cold Specks (Holland)

Photo credit: My Smallest Sitter. Photograph of a hummingbird perched on someone’s hand by Charles F. Lummis (1891).

Girl Friends

Maysun Cheikh AliCheers Elephant (People)
Beaty Heart (Banana Bread)
The Burning Hell (Sentimentalist)
Lyla Foy (Left To Wonder)
Delete All Contacts (Traps)
Freedom Fry (With The New Crowd)
Castanets (Out For The West)
Seoul (White Morning)
Audio Fauna (Silent Peace)
Louie And Patrick (Everything, You Know?)
Astronauts (Everything’s A System, Everything’s A Sign)
Elder Island (What It’s Worth)
Siren (I Think I Like You)
Raleigh Ritchie (The Chased)
Beach Youth (On The Way)
Fé (50/50)
The Landing (Anxieties)

Photo credit: Embroidery work by artist May Cheikh Ali