That Which We Do Not Understand

Music is my jaguar, my spirit companion, my daemon… it protects me and helps me see the things I don’t understand.


Death And Vanilla (From Above)
Sea Traffic (Conscious Awake)
Suburban Birds (Losing Your Senses)
The Charlatans (Talking In Tones)
The Happy Couple (Into The Woods)
Here We Go Magic (How Do I Know)
This Is The Kit (Magic Spell)
Phaedra (Lightbeam)
Bayonne (Spectrolite)
Denley (Following A Lie – feat. Briana Marela)
Wymond Miles (Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them)
Guy Fox (Mind’s Eye)
Rachel Zeffira (The Deserters)
Pinkunoizu (The Abyss)

Photo credit: Shamaness, illustration by Essi Kimpimäki for Amelia’s Magazine “That Which We Do Not Understand.”

The Greatest Secrets Are Always Hidden In The Most Unlikely Places

Kajsa KlaesenBabes (I’ve Got A Reason To Keep On Living)
Terribly Yours (Answered Prayers)
Mezko (Golden)
Air Waves (Horse Race – feat. Jana Hunter)
Gold Celeste (Open Your Eyes)
Level & Tyson (Tied Up)
Gabriella Cohen (I Don’t Feel So Alive)
Grass House (Unknown In The Scene)
M.I.L.K. (Everything You Know)
Le Printemps (Can’t Have You)
Gardens & Villa (Everybody)
Pearl Charles (I Ran So Far)
The Color Waves (Chirology)
Luke Reed (Across The Room)
Teenagre (Peace Out)
Good Try (Get Me)
Early Ghost (Now I Always Wonder If I Like It Here)

Photo credit: Beach Treasures, illustration poster by Kajsa Klaesén

Inner Garden

Julie DaleydenSlow Club (Tears Of Joy)
Jim Guthrie (Wish I Were You)
Natalie Prass (Why Don’t You Believe In Me)
Blake Mills (If I’m Unworthy)
New God (Ocean Hum)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Wide Awake)
Grammar (New World)
C Duncan (Say)
Howard Ivans (Red Face Boy)
Daniel Rossen (Not Coming Back)
Hunck (Something Missing)
Holy Two (Deep Breath)
William Arcane (Not The Only One)
Here We Go Magic (Everything’s Big)
Grandma Sparrow (The Farewell Bolero)

Photo credit: Jardin intime, engraving by Julie Daleyden

A Stranger’s Comforting Hand On Your Shoulder

Charles F LummisLyla Foy (Only Human)
Scrimshire (Beached)
Kadhja Bonet (Tears For Lamont)
Dan Amor (Sister Anne)
Johnny Lloyd (Dead Beat)
Luluc (Small Window)
Tops (Sleeptalker)
Horse Thief (Little Dust)
Castanets (Tell Them Memphis)
Hayden Calnin (Comatose)
Left Right Arms (Casement)
Furns (Dreaming Of The Sea)
Erland & The Carnival (Daughter)
The Feather (What If)
Brooke Sharkey (I Crossed The Line)
Kwamie Liv (5 AM)
Cold Specks (Holland)

Photo credit: My Smallest Sitter. Photograph of a hummingbird perched on someone’s hand by Charles F. Lummis (1891).

Stay Away From Lonely Places

Girls with lotus flowersHartebeest (Kalimba – feat. Rayne)
Sally Seltmann (Catch Of The Day)
Tiger Forest Cat (New York, New York)
Matt Kivel (Double Exposure)
CEO (Mirage)
Rodrigo Amarante (Hourglass)
Greyhounds (What’s On Your Mind)
Dog Trumpet (Speed Of Light)
Bart Davenport (Wearing The Changes)
Papercuts (Still Knocking At Your Door)
Brothertiger (In Mind)
The Donkeys (Scissor Me Cigs)
Ed Thomas (On My Own)
I Am The Sky (Jack And The Broken Shield)
Owls Of The Swamp (Garden)
School Of Language (Between The Suburbs)
Chad VanGaalen (Monster)
The Mary Onettes (Silence Is A Gun)
Röyksopp (Twenty Thirteen – feat. Jaime Irrepressible)


Photo credit: Girls standing in water holding bunches of American Lotus. Amana, Iowa, 1938. Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts, National Geographic.

Trains And Boats And Planes

Laurent ChehereWampire (Trains)
Pupkulies & Rebecca (Burning Boats)
Jon Bellion (Paper Planes)
Kevin Morby (Slow Train – feat. Cate Le Bon)
Lanterns On The Lake (Ships In The Rain)
Bill Callahan (Small Plane)
Gareth Dickson (Two Trains)
Dead Man’s Bones (Paper Ships)
Who Made Who (Keep Me In My Plane)
Teleman (Steam Train Girl)
Hollow Everdaze (Ships)
Diana And The Clementines (I Took A Trip On A Plane)
Gardens & Villa (Bullet Train)
Swimp (Ships)
Portugal. The Man (Sea Of Air)
Emilee South (Midday Train)
Greg And The Hawk (Boats And Birds)

Photo credit: Flying Houses. La grande illusion / The great illusion by Laurent Chehere

The Magic Part Of Life

Amanda BlakeFlyte (Chasing Heaven)
Sway Clarke II (I Don’t Need Much)
Marika Hackman (Retina Television)
Jesse Woods (Gold In The Air)
Spring Offensive (Carrier)
Mausi (Disney Films)
Marian Hill (Lovit)
Vandaveer (Divide and Conquer)
Just Handshakes (Bright Lights)
Kathryn Williams (Heart Shaped Stone)
Bowerbirds (Tuck The Darkness In)
Magic Island (Baby Blu)
We Are Loud Whispers (This Time)
Tei Shi (Nevermind The End)
Day Bodine (Sort Of Lullaby)

Photo credit: 15 people holding on to that which will determine their fate by Amanda Blake

Some Velvet Summer Morning

Beth Yarnelle EdwardsOkkervil River (Your Past Life Is A Blast)
Darren Hanlon (Butterfly Bones)
Islands (In A Dream It Seemed Real)
Snowblink (Rut & Nuzzle)
Patrick Watson (Step Out For A While)
Jenn Grant (I’ve Got Your Fire)
Timber Timbre (Demon Host)
Dana Falconberry (Please Sparrow)
Lower Plenty (Nullarbor)
Josephine Foster (Child Of God)
Broderick & Broderick (Let Me Love You For Free)
Kathryn Calder (Turn A Light On)
Lay Low (By And By)
Heidi Spencer And The Rare Birds (Alibi)
Denison Witmer (Asa)
Alex Lukashevsky, Felicity Williams and Daniela Gesundheit (Too Late Blues)
Diane Cluck (Red August)

Photo credit: Dita and Nolwenn, France, 2003 by Beth Yarnelle Edwards at Robert Klein Gallery

Just One Word

Damn Monday Session #0. Where it all starts, with just one word…

The Sea and Cake – Harps
Sparklehorse – Sunshine
Palpitation – Faraway
Soley – Dance
Caveman – Thankful
Future Islands – Balance
Dawn Landes – Traffic
Tennis – Origins
Emily Wells – Juicy
James Blake – Unluck
Kilo Kish – Navy
The Presets – Ghosts
Slow Club – Beginners
Pacific Air – Float
Alpine – Hands
Lovers – Tonight
Bonobo – Silver

Photo credit: source unknown