I Will See You In The Past

SorryI Can Chase Dragons! (Republique)
Little Big Adventure (Happiest Times)
Opossom (Outer Space)
Cats On Fire (Your Woman)
Let’s Wrestle (For My Mother)
Very Truly Yours (Reminders)
Kuryakin (A New Day 2010)
The Bird And The Bee (How Mean Am I)
Quilt (Young Gold)
Part Time (I Wanna Take You Out)
King Tuff (Keep On Movin’)
Orchestra Of Spheres (There Is No No)
Team Genius (Love And Love Songs)
Conveyor (Mane)
The Coasts (I Only Want You)
James Kenneally (Under The Table)
David Thomas Broughton (Ain’t Got No Sole)
Wild Ones (Pacific)

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Places We Take For Granted

Luis BarraganThe Living Sisters (Can You Get To That?)
Harrison Hudson (Metal To Mold)
Azure Blue (Chesil Beach)
The Cannanes (Bumper)
The Clean (In The Dreamland Life You Need A Rubber Soul)
The Men (Candy)
Aidan Knight (A Mirror)
Tim Cohen (Haunted Hymns)
Yakuri Cable (Stars Fall Down)
Crayon Fields (So Do I)
The Birthday Kiss (Can You Keep A Secret?)
Wymond Miles (Pale Moon)
The Sweet Serenades (Can’t Get Enough)
Popstrangers (Heaven)
Little Tybee (Building A Bomb)
The Lucksmiths (Get-to-Bed Birds)
The Very Most (Just A Pup)
The Donkeys (I Like The Way You Walk)
Cats On Fire (A Few Empty Waves)

Photo credit: Casa Luis Barragán by Roderick Field. One of the covers of the book The Architecture of Hapiness by Alain De Botton.


NostalgiaVetiver (Roll On Babe)
The Sleepy Jackson (Miniskirt)
The Go Find (The Party)
Zoos Of Berlin (Doctor Vine Passing)
The Elected (Not Going Home)
French Kicks (Close To Modern)
Dent May (Met Me In The Garden)
Spoon (Rhythm & Soul)
Gruff Rhys (Candylion)
Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern (Compilation Cassette)
Dylan Mondegreen (Last Day Of Harvest)
Papercuts (Dear Employee)
Beulah (Me And Jesus Don’t Talk Anymore)
The Old Ceremony (Same Difference)
Holy Fuck (Lovely Allen)
Small Black (Despicable Dogs)
The Mint Chicks (Red White Or Blue)
The Vines (Winning Days)
Department Of Eagles (No One Does It Like You)
Alias & Tarsier (Plane That Draws A White Line)
Blonde Redhead (Messenger – feat. David Sylvian)
Chinawoman (Party Girl)

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Poppies & Forget-Me-Nots

Try to believe in beauty again.

poppiesWalker Kong (Vivian Girls)
Beulah (Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand)
Ivy (Ba Ba Ba)
Giorgio Tuma (Little Dusty)
The Ladybug Transistor (Clutching Stems)
The Glands (I Can See My House From Here)
Young and Sexy (One False Move)
Bill Ricchini (A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door)
The Essex Green (New Orleans)
James Hindle (Leaving Trains)
Eggstone (April and May)
Pernice Brothers (High As A Kite)
Pipas (Boxes)
The Minus 5 (Days Of Wine And Booze Number)
The 1900’s (Bmore)
Papercuts (Poor and Free)
Pedro The Lion (Keep Swinging)
Komeda (Dizzy Bossanova)
The Wannadies (Disko)
The Luscksmiths (Up With The Sun)
Birdie (One Two Five)
The Postmarks (Goodbye)

Photo credit: Refreshing mint with forget-me-nots and poppies by Catharine.