A Crack In Time

The Apartments – Paint The Days White
The Lucksmiths – The Thought That Counts
Red Sleeping Beauty – Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye
Dr. Robert (The Blow Monkeys) – Digging Your Scene (Acoustic)
The Cure – Faith (Richard Skinner Session)
The Czars – Paint The Moon
Luna – California (All The Way)
Teenage Funclub – Baby Lee
Saint Etienne – Spring
The Go-Betweens – The Sound Of Rain
Would-Be-Goods – Temporary Best Friend
Trashcan Sinatras – I See The Moon
Monnone Alone – Pink Earrings
Hayden Thorpe & Jon Hopkins – Goodbye Horses
Bill Callahan – One Fine Morning

Photo credit: Still from Sweet William, a short film by Kristofer Bonnell

Stay Focused

Monica Rohan

El Perro Del Mar (I Was A Boy)
The Townhouses (Talk – feat. Giorgio Tuma)
Tim Burgess (Hours/Ours – feat. Asia Argento)
Lyla Foy (Shoestring)
Woman’s Hour (Our Love Has No Rhythm)
Denitia And Sene (Breath Dream Scream)
Dick Diver (Water Damage)
Lovelier Other (Hidden Shelters)
Noun (Will You Come Back To Me)
Virginia Wing (Red Sails)
April March & Aquaserge (Des tics et des tocs)
The Explorers Club (Don’t Waste Her Time)
Elephant (Spies)
Mister Goodnight (You’re Too Cool)
Blue Hawaii (Try To Be)
Stroik (Desert Time)
Rachel Zeffire (Wintertime)
La Guerre (True Love Will Find You In The End)

Photo credit: Specky, oil on board by Monica Rohan

Old Rooms

I have lived in about seventeen bedrooms in my life. There was always music in all of them…

Tavi Gevinson

Vivien Goldman (Launderette)
The Go-Betweens (Cattle And Cane)
The Lucksmiths (A Hiccup In Your Happiness)
The Ladybug Transistor (Breaking Up On The Beat)
Crayon Fields (All The Pleasures Of The World)
The Chills (Pink Frost 13)
The Bats (Jewellers Heart)
Teenage Fanclub (It’s All In My Mind)
Brillant Corners (Love)
Bubblegum Lemonade (Ten Years Younger)
Marmoset (Golden Cloak)
The Helio Sequence (Everyone Knows Everyone)
The Clientele (We Could Walk Together)
Would-Be-Goods (No More Tearstained Makeup)
The Silly Pillows (Equilibrium)
Pete Astor (Donnelly)
Robert Wyatt (Shipbuilding)

Photo credit: Tavi Gevinson by Petra Collins, from tavitulle: the teenage bedroom

Second Coming

This is about some musicians that I love and admire, who have been kind enough to record great songs in recent years. Thanks for that!

Eugenia Loli

The Time Lodgers (Here We Go Again)
The Chills (Warm Waveform)
The Apartments (Please Don’t Say Remember)
Jesse Winchester (All That We Have Is Now)
The Blow Monkeys (That’s Not Right)
The Orchids (Hey Sometimes)
Dean Wareham (The Dancer Disappears)
East River Pipe (How’s It Feel To Piss It All Away?)
The Feelies (Should Be Gone)
Pete Astor (Mr. Music)
Wreckless Eric (Several Shades Of Green)
The Moles (Beauty Queen Of Watts)
Close Lobsters (Under London Skies)
David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights (Comin’ On)
The Hit Parade (Zennor Mermaid)
Bill Fay (War Machine)
Linda Perhacs (River Of God)

Photo credit: Raising Mountains, collage by Eugenia Loli

Unheard Melodies Are Sweeter

Will BarnetChelsea Wolf (The Way We Used To)
Cults (Most Wanted)
Phèdre (Love Ablaze)
Crystal Stilts (Dark Eyes)
Hush! (There’s Something In The Stars Tonight)
Dean Wareham (Holding Pattern)
Tashaki Miyaki (Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Chin Chin)
Girls Names (Pittura Infamante)
Suuns (2020)
Jesse Ruins (Dream Analysis)
Love Inks (Leather Glove)
Christine Owman (Familiar Act – feat. Mark Lanegan)
Lisa Papineau/Jun Miyake (The Here And After)
John Maus (Hey Moon – Molly Nilsson cover)
Alice Boman (Waiting)

Photo credit: Youth (1974) Color lithograph by Will Barnet (detail)

We Were Happy Then

Deger BakirTV Girl (If You Want It)
Ian Dury & The Blockheads (Dance Little Rude Boy)
Tristesse Contemporanie (Woodwork)
Rodrigo Leão (Lonely Carousel – feat. Beth Gibbons)
Shout Out Louds (Blue Ice)
Chinawoman (To Be With Others)
The Space Lady (Synthesize Me)
Helado Negro (Dance Ghost)
Jeans Wilder (Sparkler)
Horrid Red (I’m Terribly Hurt)
The Memories (Knock On That Door)
Fimber Bravo (The Way We Live Today – feat. Alexis Taylor)
Alessi’s Ark (The Rain)
Angel Olsen (The Waiting)
Reputante (Safe n’ Sound)
The Spinto Band (Shake It Off), On An On (Ghost)

Photo credit: Collage by Deger Bakir

Songs I Used To Sing For You

To my lovely son with all my heart

Denis DuboisOpal (Hear The Wind Blow)
The Shins (Those To Come)
Broadcast (Before We Begin)
The Ladybug Transistor (Song For The Ending Day)
The Sea And Cake (Jacking The Ball)
Blueboy (Sea Horses)
Sigmatropic (The Jasmine – feat. Steve Wynn)
Apostle Of Hustle (Baby, You’re In Luck)
The Radio Dept. (Your Father)
My Morning Jacket (Golden)
Holly Golightly (Walk A Mile)
Grandaddy (I’m On Standby)
M. Ward (Fuel For Fire)
Clem Snide (I’ll Be Your Mirror)
Sparklehorse (More Yellow Birds)
The Elected (Greetings In Braille)
The Handsome Family (The Sad Milkman)
Sufjan Stevens (Flint, For The Unemployed And Underpaid)
Arthur Russell (A Little Lost)
The Clientele (Losing Harringey)

Photo credit: Hypocampe by Denis Dubois

The Years Go Fast And The Days Go So Slow

Delphine CaulyStarlight Girls (Flutterby)
Devon Williams (Revelations)
The Elected (Babyface)
Robyn Hitchcock (Be Still)
Dumbo Gets Mad (Plumy Tale)
Jessie Baylin (Little Trouble Girl)
The Very Most (Changing Me)
Woods (God’s Children)
Bubblegum Lemonade (You’re Still Beautiful When You’re Sad)
The Orchids (I Just Don’t Care)
Black Tambourine (Whats Your Game)
Fujiya & Miyagi (Knickerbocker)
Should (Just Not Today)
Fossil Collective (Guaratuba)
The Stalactite Singers Family Band (The Lights)
Archaster (I Love You More Than Summertime)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Dreamers Die Hard)
Dark Dark Dark (How It Went Down)

Photo credit: Diabolo Menthe, ink and gouache on paper by Delphine Cauly

Yesterday When I Was Young

Rene GruauThe Deep Freeze Mice (Minstrel Radio Yogurt)
The Bats (I Go Wild)
The Wee Cherubs (Dreaming)
Robyn Hitchcock (My Wife And My Dead Wife)
The Gits (Happy Song)
The Sullivans (This Is Were We Part)
Reserve (Last Train Home)
Penelope’s Web (The Gap)
Mighty Mighty (Last Summer)
HoneyBunch (Candy Breath)
The Bartlebees (Music Sounds Better With You)
The Creams (You’ve Been Standing In The Middle Of Rooms)
The Clean (Tally Ho)
The Bridge (The Loveless)
Family Fodder (Film Music)
Henry’s Dress (Sally Wants)
The Hit Parade (House Of Sarah)
McCarthy (The Well Of Loneliness)

Photo credit: René Gruau

Uninterrupted Dialogue

Yelena BryksenkovaHello Satellites (Building A Wall)
Fox + Sui (Petite Mort)
Richard Swift (Whitman)
Alessi’s Ark (Wire)
Vetiver (Can’t You Tell)
Radiation City (The Color Of Industry)
Soft Pillow Kisses (Just Like Sky)
The Luyas (Too Beautiful To Work)
Thieves Like Us (Stay Blue)
Canyons (Land In Between)
M Jack Bee (Sound Of Love)
Pregnant (Letter To A Friend)
Flotation Toy Warning (A Season Underground)
Y La Bamba (Juniper)
Brasstronaut (Opportunity)


Photo credit: L’inconnue, illustration by Yelena Bryksenkova