Friend Of My Youth

“There is a limit to the amount of misery and disarray you will put up with, for love, just as there is a limit to the amount of mess you can stand about a house. You can’t know the limit beforehand, but you will know when you’ve reached it. I believe this.” — Alice Munro

Mary Pratt

Helado Negro (Transmission Listen)
Maria Usbeck (Ciudad Desnuda)
Pfarmers (Red Vermin)
Jenny Hval (Conceptual Romance)
Astronauts (Breakout)
Jinja Safari (So Much)
Ndella (Gone)
Belle Mare (Feel You Against My Heart)
Modern Inventors (Closer – feat. Daru Jones)
Sports Boyfriend (Things To Say)
Ocean Hope (Tame)
Morgan Delt (Some Sunsick Day)
Pavo Pavo (Wiserway)
Helena Deland (Aix)
Car Seat Headrest (Does It Feel Good (To Say Goodbye))

Photo credit: Cold Cream, pencil and oil on masonite by Mary Pratt


The Love Of The Giver

“A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver.” — Thomas à Kempis, German theologian and writer, died on August 8, 1471.

Flore Gardner

Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow (Dolomite)
Nap Eyes (Mixer)
Amy Bezunartea (Wreckage)
Doe Paoro (Shadows – feat. Son Little)
Lyla Foy (Velvet)
Jaye Bartell (Tuesdays)
Divino Niño (Time)
Nico Yaryan (You Belong To Me)
Kashka (Salmon Arms)
Christopher Denny (Our Kind Of Love – feat. Erika Wennerstrom)
Dolce (Hand i Hand)
Island (Spotless Mind)
Iron & Wine (Everyone’s Summer Of ’95)
Tiny Ruins (Dream Wave)
Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament (The Laughing Tree)
Angel Olsen (May As Well)

Photo credit: Embroidered found photograph by Flore Gardner New York.

Nature And Nurture

Eva ymetal IsisStatic Animal (Majorca)
She-Devils (Come)
The Goon Sax (Boyfriend)
Pete Astor (My Right Hand)
Bad Sounds (Avalanche)
Andy Shauf (Jenny Come Home)
Strawberry Whiplash (Time Takes You Away)
Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye (O Papa)
Lucy Dacus (I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore)
Snøskred (Puzzle)
Young Husband (Waverley Street)
Bruising (Emo Friends)
Shunkan (Paleontologist)
Jessie Jones (Quicksilver Screen)
Teen (All About Us)
Moss Lime (I Always Get What I Want)
Flowers (Ego Loss)
Mothers (It Hurts Until It Doesn’t)

Photo credit: Isis, silver and gold piece by ymetal


Not Merely Survive

Rebecca Leveille GuayFrankie Cosmos (Young)
Radiation City (Juicy)
Jane Weaver (Mission Desire)
Eleanor Friedberger (He Didn’t Mention His Mother)
Fern (It Comes Slow)
Lowly (Fire)
Doe Paoro (Hypotheticals)
Pale Honey (Youth)
Flint Eastwood (Find What You’re Looking For)
Nova Heart (We Are Golden)
The Drink (No Memory)
Laser (Leaving It Too Late)
Mr Little Jeans (Waking Up)
Mini Dresses (Are You Real)
Elvett (Home)

Photo credit: Rebecca Léveillé-Guay


Your Answer Was Goodbye

I make a date for golf, and you can bet your life it rains.
I try to give a party, and the guy upstairs complains.
I guess I’ll go through life, just catching colds and missing trains.
Everything happens to me…

Donald ChristieBig Haunt (Under Your Skin)
Plastic Flowers (Now She’s Gone)
In Tall Buildings (Flare Gun)
Sondre Lerche (Bad Law)
The Rosebuds (In My Teeth)
Mirage (Do You Remember)
Gordi (Nothing’s As It Seems)
The Antlers (Hotel)
Montaigne (I Am Not An End)
J Fernández (Close Your Eyes)
Summer Camp (Beyond Clueless)
Holy Family (My Kayfabe Babe)
Tessera Skies (Droplet)
Alex K. Wisner (The Hunt)
Matt Kivel (Insignificance)
Tomas Barfod (True To You – feat. Gruff Rhys)
S. Carey (Crown The Pines)

Photo credit: Donald Christie for i-D magazine

Spring Rain

Alix BranwynVia Tania (I See You Tiger)
Terror Bird (And Every Yesterday)
Tom Rosenthal (Go Solo)
Fossa (Five Days)
Avid Dancer (All Your Words Are Gone)
Summer Fiction (Lauren Lorraine)
Rozi Plain (Actually)
Baxter Dury (Pleasure)
Houndstooth (Borderlands)
Cat’s Eyes (The Duke Of Burgundy)
Nadine Shah (Stealing Cars)
Prins Obi (Weekend Lovers)
Mike Barrett (A Blue Shirt)
Cosmo Sheldrake (Pelicans We)
Freedom Fry (Break Into A Musical)
Misun (After Me)
Torres (Cowboy Guilt)
Fragics (Toy Cars)

Photo credit: Umbrella Illustration by Alix Branwyn

I Am Only Human

Pierre MornetThumpers (Yolanda – feat. Chloe Howl)
The Lottery Winners (Elizabeth)
Little Racer (Vanessa)
Alan & Mud (Paloma)
The Hendersons (Delilah)
Billy Changer (Barbarella)
Minks (Annie)
Travis Bretzer (Debbie)
Hong Kong In The 60s (Patricia)
Priscilla Ahn (Diana)
Maybelleen (Emily)
Archaster (Khristine Anne)
We Are Match (Violet)
Donovan Blanc (Veronica)
Ruspo (Belém, Belém)
JP Klipspringer (Anastasia)
Pere Ubu (Irene)

Photo credit: Love’s advent calendar, by Pierre Mornet. Marlena Agency

Élevé En Liberté

Sr GarciaAdele Jacques (Something Different)
Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains (Le Grand Sommeil)
Bel Plaine (Walter Castillo)
Saint Privat (Une Dernire Cigarette)
Maison Neuve (Humble Hearts)
Papooz (Good Times On Earth)
Vanessa Contenay-Quiñones (Nana De Boulogne)
Isaac Delusion (Midnight Sun)
Christine & The Queens (Christine)
Les Filles & Les Garçons (Night – feat. my girlfriend)
Athletic Bonnie (Moleskine)
Minou (Pense à Moi)
The Limiñanas (Liverpool)
Pain Noir (L’arme)
Presque l’Amour (Vite Fait Bien Fait)
Botibol (Friends)
Wilfried (La Revenante)
Verone (Le Bal De L’Emprereur)

Photo credit: Collage by Sr. García

Get Well Soon

Clare ElsaesserSpring King (Not Me, Not Now)
Bahamas (Stronger Than That)
Frugal Father (Smothering Mother)
Peggy Sue (Say What You Mean)
The Shivas (You Make Me Want To Die)
The Fisherman (If She Wants To Leave, She Will)
The Sea Life Music (Transitions)
Fake Laugh (Freely)
Just Another Snake Cult (Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere?)
Volcano Choir (Island, IS)
Jacob Trombetta (Waveguide)
Soldier’s Heart (New Housie)
Majestic (Metal)
The Embassy (Related Artist)
The Golden Dregs (A Life Aquatic)
Jim Ruiz Set (Miss Fortunate)
J Mascis (Wide Awake)
Laetitia Sadier (Then, I Will Love You Again)
Mariam The Believer (To Conquer Pain With Love)

Photo credit: So Much by Clare Elsaesser

Things That Fit Inside A Heart

AitchMorly (Seraphese)
Hidden Orchestra (Spoken)
Albrecht Ziepert (Faust Theme)
Hoon (Ventorum)
Sebastian Plano (Image Of Sentimentals)
Nils Frahm (You)
Fancy Mike (Hercules Hercules)
Hior Chronik (Stop Drawing The Fear)
Mono (Where We Begin)
Land Observations (Appian Way)
Monster Rally (Orchids)
Nick Hakim (Papas Fritas)
Chargaux (Lullaby – feat. Soft Glas)
Peter Broderick (A Snowflake)
Glass Wands (Silverleaf)
Hiatus (Precious Little)
Selemir (Bedruthan Morning)
Gidge (Norrland)

Photo credit: Illustration by Aitch