Fill In The Blanks (Two)

Please STAY AT HOME to stay safe and healthy. I send my love to you all!

Angel Olsen – Spring
Matilda Man – Never Sweeter
Kera – Vitamin T
Emma McGrath – Old Times
Morgan Harper-Jones – Lie To Me
Christian Lee Hutson – Lose This Number
North America – Leave Us To Fate
Kate Bollinger – No Other Like You
Pete Astor – Petrol And Ash
Saintseneca – Frostbiter
The Ocean Party – What It’s Worth
Luka Kuplowsky feat. Felicity Williams – Anew Day
Malihini – If U Call
Conner Youngblood – Pink Lemonade
Helado Negro – País Nublado
Wet – Old Bone
Doe Paoro – Silver Springs

Photo credit: The Nomad Pavilion, a project by Dina Haddadin

Friend Of My Youth

“There is a limit to the amount of misery and disarray you will put up with, for love, just as there is a limit to the amount of mess you can stand about a house. You can’t know the limit beforehand, but you will know when you’ve reached it. I believe this.” — Alice Munro

Mary Pratt

Helado Negro (Transmission Listen)
Maria Usbeck (Ciudad Desnuda)
Pfarmers (Red Vermin)
Jenny Hval (Conceptual Romance)
Astronauts (Breakout)
Jinja Safari (So Much)
Ndella (Gone)
Belle Mare (Feel You Against My Heart)
Modern Inventors (Closer – feat. Daru Jones)
Sports Boyfriend (Things To Say)
Ocean Hope (Tame)
Morgan Delt (Some Sunsick Day)
Pavo Pavo (Wiserway)
Helena Deland (Aix)
Car Seat Headrest (Does It Feel Good (To Say Goodbye))

Photo credit: Cold Cream, pencil and oil on masonite by Mary Pratt


I Am Only Human

Pierre MornetThumpers (Yolanda – feat. Chloe Howl)
The Lottery Winners (Elizabeth)
Little Racer (Vanessa)
Alan & Mud (Paloma)
The Hendersons (Delilah)
Billy Changer (Barbarella)
Minks (Annie)
Travis Bretzer (Debbie)
Hong Kong In The 60s (Patricia)
Priscilla Ahn (Diana)
Maybelleen (Emily)
Archaster (Khristine Anne)
We Are Match (Violet)
Donovan Blanc (Veronica)
Ruspo (Belém, Belém)
JP Klipspringer (Anastasia)
Pere Ubu (Irene)

Photo credit: Love’s advent calendar, by Pierre Mornet. Marlena Agency

Élevé En Liberté

Sr GarciaAdele Jacques (Something Different)
Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains (Le Grand Sommeil)
Bel Plaine (Walter Castillo)
Saint Privat (Une Dernire Cigarette)
Maison Neuve (Humble Hearts)
Papooz (Good Times On Earth)
Vanessa Contenay-Quiñones (Nana De Boulogne)
Isaac Delusion (Midnight Sun)
Christine & The Queens (Christine)
Les Filles & Les Garçons (Night – feat. my girlfriend)
Athletic Bonnie (Moleskine)
Minou (Pense à Moi)
The Limiñanas (Liverpool)
Pain Noir (L’arme)
Presque l’Amour (Vite Fait Bien Fait)
Botibol (Friends)
Wilfried (La Revenante)
Verone (Le Bal De L’Emprereur)

Photo credit: Collage by Sr. García

Get Well Soon

Clare ElsaesserSpring King (Not Me, Not Now)
Bahamas (Stronger Than That)
Frugal Father (Smothering Mother)
Peggy Sue (Say What You Mean)
The Shivas (You Make Me Want To Die)
The Fisherman (If She Wants To Leave, She Will)
The Sea Life Music (Transitions)
Fake Laugh (Freely)
Just Another Snake Cult (Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere?)
Volcano Choir (Island, IS)
Jacob Trombetta (Waveguide)
Soldier’s Heart (New Housie)
Majestic (Metal)
The Embassy (Related Artist)
The Golden Dregs (A Life Aquatic)
Jim Ruiz Set (Miss Fortunate)
J Mascis (Wide Awake)
Laetitia Sadier (Then, I Will Love You Again)
Mariam The Believer (To Conquer Pain With Love)

Photo credit: So Much by Clare Elsaesser


MikMaxJackie Onassis (Smoke Trails)
Pluto Jonze (Eject)
Future Bible Heroes (Living, Loving, Partygoing)
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (Holly Roller)
Fear Of Men (Born)
Belgian Fog (You Drive Me To Madness)
Bliss Club (Isabeau)
Leapling (Seventeen)
Pure X (Things In My Head)
Hey Marseilles (Lift Your Eyes)
Saintseneca (Uppercutter)
Wild Club (The Water)
Elephant (Shapeshifter)
Sandro Perri (Love And Light)
Siskiyou (Hold It In)
Willy Mason (Carry On)
Laura Groves (Pale Shadows)
Kelley Stoltz (Kim Chee Taco Man)
Hannah Cohen (The Crying Game)
Luke Temple & Eliot Krimsky (Suffer)
Ofei (Tomorrow)


Photo credit: Mireia Rodríguez for Mikmax.