Sweet September

Charlotte Day Wilson – Keep Moving
Faye Webster – I Know I’m Funny haha
Genevieve Stokes – Parking Lot
Olivia Dean – Be My Own Boyfriend
Pearl Charles – Sweet Sunshine Wine
Molly Burch – Romantic Images
Joy Oladokun – Taking The Heat
Merpire – Dinosaur
Cape Weather – Alice
Johanna Samuels – Nature’s Way
Olivia Kaplan – Seen by You
Beauty Queen – Real Life
Ada Lea – Damn
Lizzie Reid – Company Car
Ashe – Love Is Not Enough
Maple Glider – Friend
Bess Atwell – Time Comes in Roses
Tasha – Are You Out There

Photo credit: Mervyn O’Gorman autochrome photograph of his daughter Christina (1913).

The Right Thing Is Hard To Do

Celeste – Hear My Voice (Live from Abbey Road)
Mina Tindle feat. Sufjan Stevens – Give A Little Love
Samantha Crain – There Is No Mail Today
Sharon Van Etten – On Your Way Now
Kacey Johansing – I Try
Ella Grace – I Wonder
The Staves – Trying
Alice Phoebe Lou – Lovesick
Steady Holiday – Repeat
Hanna Jadagu – What Is Going On?
Lucy Gaffney – Send Me Away
St. Vincent – The Melting Of The Sun
Serena Rider – Back To Myself
Becca Mancari – Annie
Flock Of Dimes – Hard Way
Louien – Better Woman
Lael Neale – Every Star Shivers In The Dark

Photo credit: Vivian Maier, Untitled, 1956.

She Acts Like Summer and Walks Like Rain

Marika Hackman – Realiti
Midnight Sister – Doctor Says
Sam Valdez – Clean
Sharon Van Etten – Let Go
Lily Hayes – Green Eyes
Phoebe Green – Reinvent
Rosie Carney – Black Star (Radiohead Cover)
Helena Deland – Pale
Sibille Attar – Why u Lookin’
Lusid – Beehive
Steady Holiday – Living Life
Munya – Boca Chica
Madeline Kenney – Picture Of You
The Weather Station – Tried To Tell You
Pale Honey – Some Time, Alone
Sarah Meth – Dead End World

Photo credit: «Of course your life seems fractured, you have one foot in an imaginary place». Illutstration by NVM (Michael Howard)

Behind A Thin Veil

Sharon Van Etten feat. Norah Jones – Seventeen
Molly Burch – Needy
Emily Keener – Do You Love Me Lately
Jenny O. – God Knows Why
A Girl Call Eddy – Not That Sentimental Anymore
Batts – City View
Laura Marling – Held Down
Waxahatchee – Fire
Alexandra Savior – Soft Currents
Rosie Carney – I Dreamed I Was The Night
Anna St. Louis – The Bells
Courtney Marie Andrews – If I Told
Sam Valdez – Toothache
Phoebe Bridgers – Garden Song
Angel Olsen – Chance

Photo credit: Felicity by Magnus Plessen

Stifled Sorrow

Sharon Van Etten – No One’s Easy To Love
Natalie Prass – Sisters
Emily King – Can’t Hold Me
Mereba – Stay Tru
Hajk– Dancing Like This
Many Voices Speak – Chances
Wild Ones – No Money
Julietta – Stripes + Squares
Oddnesse – Lover’s Calling
Alexandra Savior – But You
Phia – Full Circle (feat. Melbourne Indie Voices)
Jesca Hoop – Song For A Bygone Era
Gabriella Cohen – Miserable Baby
East Of My Youth – By Blue
Munya – Trop Tard
Kadhja Bonet – Delphine

Photo credit: Pájaro negro, illustrated portrait by Rocío Montoya

Tell The Story Of The Mountain You Climbed

Neneh Cherry – Fallen Leaves
Misty Miller – Broody
Death And Vanilla – A Flaw In The Iris
Kadhja Bonet – The Watch
Sui Zhen – Perfect Place
Emily Wells – Stay Up
Maylee Todd – Downtown
Rodes Rollins – Mystery Man
Sharon Van Etten – You Shadow
Alice Phoebe Lou – Lost in LA
Faye Webster – Kingston
Lemin – Pink Champagne
Emily King – Look At Me Now
Tiny Ruins – How Much
Sophie Ozard – Catcall
Sam Evian – Roses
Rozi Plain – Symmetrical

Photo credit: Shadow Sister, oil on canvas by Jenny Morgan

Let’s Misbehave

Maggie Rogers – Fallingwater
Laurel – Lovesick
Frankiie – Dream Reader
Amanda Tenfjord – First Impression
Sam Valdez – Farther Away
Natalie Prass – Lost
Laura Jean – Girls On TV
Frøkedal – I Don’t Care
Sophia Danai – Come Thru
Foxtrott – Wait
Tuarrah – The Execution
Oddnesse – Trust
Juliana Daugherty – Player
Rosie Carney – Bare
Katie McBride – The Skyline

Photo credit: Still from Daisies (Sedmikrásky) directed by Sedmikrásky Vera Chytilová in 1966

I Need To Start A Garden

Rose Droll – Too Damn Good To Give Up
Haley Heynderickx – Oom Sha La La
Nadine – Not My Kinda Movie
Kraków Loves Adana – American Boy
Mattiel – Count Your Blessings
Someone – Forget Forgive
Laura K – Apologise
Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness
Alana Henderson – Let This Remain
Pip Hall – Ill At Ease
East Of My Youth – Go Home
Joyeur – Dig
ShitKid – Yooouuu
Pearla – Somewhere
Freya – Nineteen Hours
Anna Burch – 2 Cool 2 Care
Oddnesse – I Used To
Strawberry Runners – Garden Hose

Photo credit: Self-portrait by Meggie Royer

Taking My Time

Give and take my own advice / Until my demise / And live out the rest of my days / Taking my time
An undisputable thing / An unavoidable thing / Please don’t make me explain… ― Jim Guthrie

Tanukichan – Bitter Medicine
Steady Holiday – Terror
Sequoyah Tiger – Hey Paul Anka
Alice Phoebe Lou – Red
Gothic Tropic – Cry Like A Man
Ofelia K – Bad Boys
Cat Clyde – Running Water
Molly Burch – Try
Lina Tullgren – Get Lost
Emmy The Great – Mahal Kita
Juanita Stein – I’ll Cry
Angie Hudson – Bird
Rodes Rollins – Wes Come Back
Marle Thompson – Surf Rising
Mavi Phoenix – Love Longtime
Emily Reo – Spell

Photo credit: Ikegami Yoriyuki

To Unravel a Torment You Must Begin Somewhere

Mississippi River

Girlboss (Move That Bus)
Tops (Petals)
Kacey Johansing (Do You Want Me)
Madeline Kenney (Still Together)
Kraków Loves Adana (Youth Unbroken)
Molly Burch (Wrong For You)
Nilüfer Yanya (The Florist)
Cameron Avery (Dance With Me)
Woods (Love Is Love)
Gepsiz (Let The Chickens Jump Out)
Sondre Lerche (I Know Something That’s Gonna Brake Your Heart)
Girlpool (123)
Molly Nilson (About Somebody)
Foxygen (Follow The Leader)
Gabriella Cohen (Downtown)
Tambourines (Sunny Side)
Deep Throat Choir (Be OK)

Photo credit: Vintage map of the Mississippi river’s path over time, by Harold N. Fisk.

Title by Louise Bourgeois