To Have, To Make, To Be

IcinoriTV Girl (She Smokes In Bed)
Mild High Club (Windowpane)
The Good Sports (Tell Me Why)
Alex Bleeker And The Freaks (Don’t Look Down)
Home School (Mellow Neighbour)
Fake Laught (Kinda Girl)
Martin Courtney (Vestiges)
Bahamas (Waves)
Peter Bibby (Hate My Boozin’)
Regla (Big Smoke)
The Madcaps (Moon Night)
Porches (Mood)
Anika (I Go To Sleep)
Mega Bog (Year Of Patience)
Stanley Brinks & Freschard (If You Have Time)
Oberhofer (Feeling Sad)
Hungry Cloud Darkening (Hold This Moment)

Photo credit: Cover for Hors Cadres magazine by Icinori

Get Things Done

Mathilde AubierM.I.L.K. (If We Want To)
Tomorrows (Free)
Breakfast (Sally Hansen)
Twin Hidden (Join Hands)
Air Waves (Milky Way)
Bleeders Digest (Creatures Of The Night)
Wesley Fuller (Shock Me)
Beach Baby (U R)
Guns (Ricochet)
Misun (Nobody Knows)
Philco Fiction (June 17)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Hush Down)
Her (Quite Like)
Men I Trust (Break For Lovers – feat. Helena)
Bløsh (Keep Your Tongue)
Miya Folick (Strange Darling)

Photo credit: Jeu de ficelle (String Game) by Mathilde Aubier

Yesterday When I Was Young

Rene GruauThe Deep Freeze Mice (Minstrel Radio Yogurt)
The Bats (I Go Wild)
The Wee Cherubs (Dreaming)
Robyn Hitchcock (My Wife And My Dead Wife)
The Gits (Happy Song)
The Sullivans (This Is Were We Part)
Reserve (Last Train Home)
Penelope’s Web (The Gap)
Mighty Mighty (Last Summer)
HoneyBunch (Candy Breath)
The Bartlebees (Music Sounds Better With You)
The Creams (You’ve Been Standing In The Middle Of Rooms)
The Clean (Tally Ho)
The Bridge (The Loveless)
Family Fodder (Film Music)
Henry’s Dress (Sally Wants)
The Hit Parade (House Of Sarah)
McCarthy (The Well Of Loneliness)

Photo credit: René Gruau

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Julie AndrewsWork Drugs (The Good In Goodbye)
The Dodos (Goodbyes And Endings)
Radiation City (So Long)
Communions (So Lon Sun)
Vallès (Farewell)
Zooey (Goodbye Now)
Explosions In The Sky (So Long, Lonesome)
Manicanparty (Farewell)
Apparat (Goodbye)
Hayasua (Farewell Blues)
Matt Berry (Farewell Summer Sun)
Pokey LaFarge (So Long Honeybee, Goodbye)
Johnny Ripper (Goodbye)
Emile Hayne (A Kiss Goodbye – feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonté Hynes and Sampha)
Sol Flare (Last Goodbye – feat. Sasha Rakhman)
Little People (Farewell)
Ouici (The Farewell)
Feder (Goodbye – feat. Lyse)

Photo credit: Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound Of Music

Uninterrupted Dialogue

Yelena BryksenkovaHello Satellites (Building A Wall)
Fox + Sui (Petite Mort)
Richard Swift (Whitman)
Alessi’s Ark (Wire)
Vetiver (Can’t You Tell)
Radiation City (The Color Of Industry)
Soft Pillow Kisses (Just Like Sky)
The Luyas (Too Beautiful To Work)
Thieves Like Us (Stay Blue)
Canyons (Land In Between)
M Jack Bee (Sound Of Love)
Pregnant (Letter To A Friend)
Flotation Toy Warning (A Season Underground)
Y La Bamba (Juniper)
Brasstronaut (Opportunity)


Photo credit: L’inconnue, illustration by Yelena Bryksenkova

The Joy Of Living

Michela PicchiJames Supercave (Old Robot)
Felt Tip (Love Or Pity)
Street Joy (You)
Astronauts, etc. (Fuss)
Since You (Almost Done)
Rubblebucket (Carousel Ride)
NoMBe (Seminole)
Strand Of Oaks (Shut In)
Hinds/Deers (Bamboo)
Ex Cops (Tragically Alright – feat. Ariel Pink)
John Gold (We Get High)
Theophilus London (Tribe – feat Jesse Boykins III)
Quantum Keys (Grow)
Dornik (Rebound)
How Sad (Stockholm Syndrome)
KHNZ (Triggers)
Lisa Alma (Man)

Photo credit: Love by Michela Picchi

How To Disappear

FesettiEmmy The Great (Swimming Pool)
Lomboy (In The Chamber Of Vanu)
The Ocean Blue (No Money In That)
Elephant (Statuesque)
La Plage (Mark)
The Memory Band (I See Cuckoo)
The Dø (Miracles (Back in Time))
The Steinbecks (Homesickness)
Martin Carr (The Santa Fe Skyway)
She Sir (Bitter Bazaar)
The Lucksmiths (When I’m Walking)
The Camerawalls (Wanderlust)
The Gentle Isolation (Sea Horses)
Chris Weisman (Working On My Skateboarding)
By The Sea (I See A Crystal Sky)
Diners (Out Of The Blue)
Shy Boys (Follow The Leader)

Photo credit: How to disappear technique by Fesetti

It Reminds Me Of Something: The Shop

This session is devoted to the opening of the store in Barcelona It Reminds Me Of Something.

GratitudeBillie Black (Do You Really)
Royal Canoe (Today We’re Believers)
Atom Tree (Desired Effect – feat. Fergus Cook)
Tricky (Silly Games – feat. Tirzah)
Lazy Day (Oldest Friend), Wye Oak (Logic Of Color)
Hospitality (Friends Of Friends)
Bea1991 (Safe Ground)
Joe Goddard (Taking Over)
Miaoux Miaoux (Stop The Clocks)
Museum Of Love (Monotronic)
Stay Bless (Faded – feat. Dev Hynes & Samantha Urbani)
Deptford Goth (The Loop)
Tom Day & Laura Lethlean (You)
Mount Kimbie (You Took Your Time – feat. King Krule)
Atelje (Transition)

Photo credit: A can of Gratitude by The Flow Market. English collection.
GRATITUDE: The state of feeling thankful, supported and pleased.

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Stephanie RewOrquesta (Un minuto – feat. Lido Pimienta)
Monsieur Perine (Huracán)
Helado Negro (Ojos que no ven)
Federico Aubele (Laberinto del ayer)
Juan Wauters (Escucho mucho)
Nic Perea (Llorando y fumando)
Felipe Ignacio Robles (La angustia)
Fred Thomas (Camino de abrojos)
Chancha Via Circuito (Coplita – feat. Miriam Garcia)
Entre Ríos (Tu siempre)
I am Yogui (Guapa – con El Comanche)
I Can Chase Dragons! (Mañana)
Bomba Estéreo (Lo que tengo que decir)
La Delio Valdez (Soledad)
Los Niños del Perú (El sol)
Trio Xoxocapa (El gallo)
Gabriel Alegria (Summertime)


Photo credit: The Red Shawl. Oil painting by Stephanie Rew

Miles Ahead

Thomas JacksonSinkane (New Name)
Vogue Dots (Turns And Turns)
Furns (Keeper)
Rudi Zygadlo (Lily)
Bat And Ball (Stop My Mouth)
Generationals (Gold Silver Diamond)
Palmistry (Protector SE5)
Yus (20 Million)
Little Dragon (Let Go)
Oscar & The Wolf (Strange Entity)
Shura (Just Once)
Cold Clinical Love (Creepers – feat. Kid Cudi)
Ed Thomas (Hurt)
Hugh (I Can’t Figure You Out)
James Wolf (Heart & Soul – DRUGS Remix)
Yuko Yuko (Crying In The Discotheque)

Photo credit: Emergent Behavior: Glow sticks no. 1 by Thomas Jackson