What It’s Worth

Worn-tin – Something’s Coming
The Growlers – Try Hard Fool
James Swanberg – It’s No Wonder We’re In Love
Jonathan Bree – Waiting The Moment
Art d’Ecco – This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell cover)
Videocean – On Your Own (feat. Sea Of Bees)
Mark Lanegan Band – Playing Nero
Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures – Living Without You
The Golden Dregs – The Queen Of Clubs
Darrin Bradbury – The Trouble With Time (feat. Margo Price)
Paul & The Tall Trees – Someone To Someone
The Popguns – Drop Me Off In The Ocean
Holy Hive – If I Could See You Now
Okey Dokey – Winnebago (feat. Liz Cooper)
Adam Green – Freeze My Love
Son Little – Hey Rose
Lightning Dust – Run Away
Little Scream – One Lost Time

Photo credit: Jo Spence

I Like The Real You

Sweet Baboo – Lost Out On The Floor
Jimmy – Jimmy
Steady Holiday – Nobody’s Watching
Kevin Krauter – Rollerskate
1900 Yesterday – Sunshine
Blue J – Hard To Know
Gabe Fleck – Everything Is Fine
Little Star – Providence
The World of Birds – Open Up
Frøkedal – David
Strand of Oaks – Passing Out
Kate Teague – Gilly
Adrian Underhill – Wheather
Lala Lala & WHY? – Siren 042
The Dig – I Don’t Need You Anymore
Oslo Oscillator – Newlands
Loma – Black Willow

Photo credit: Photograph by Milica Kolaric

Start Here

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can

Jonathan Bree – You’re So Cool
Alex Cameron – Candy May
Giorgio Tuma – Foxes Don’t Lie
Retrospect – Moon Ride
Holy Miranda – Exquisite
The Legendary House Cats – Logic & Loss
Charlie Brand – Zen Whatever
Kevin Morby – Beautiful Strangers
Jim James – Here In Spirit
Luke Rathborne – Don’t Call Me Baby
Holy Sons – It’s My Feeling
Raoul Vignal – Bless You
Smoothposer – Summer
The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack – Do It For Nothing
Kan Wakan – No Line
Twelve’Len – In The Forest We Walk Through
Morningbell – Goodbye and Goodbye and Goodbye and Goodbye

Photo credit: Face by Lynn Scurfield

Keep Your Chin Up

Solve SundsboHugh (Almost Done, Almost There)
Freedom Fry (The Words)
Teleman (Dusseldorf)
Agua Roja (Joey)
Remi Miles (Under Light Symphonies)
Savoir Adore (Lovers Wake)
Living (Cerulean)
Palmas (I Want To Know Your Love)
Diane Coffee (Everyday)
Banana Peels (Ave – feat. Britt Tolliver)
Michael Christmas (Big Ass Smile)
The Derevolutions (Purple, Gold & White)
Brett (Street Cleaning)
Haarm (Foxglove)
Azure Blue (Tragedy & Changes)
Tessera Skies (Such Great Heights “Raindrops”)

Photo credit: Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italy

Perceive Yourself

Shiori MatsumotoFrugal Father (Lucid)
Girl Friend (Arrive Alone Leave Alone)
The Phoenix Foundation (Give Up Your Dreams)
Anne-Marie (Boy)
Corsica Arts Club (Don’t You Drift On By)
Little Wolves (Cigarettes And Geminis)
Dev09 (You Made Me)
Roman Scott (Honey Don’t Go – feat. Kwame)
Jesse Davidson (Laika)
Briana Marela (Surrender)
The KickDrums (Home)
Wovoka Gentle (Seventh Day)
Harrison Brome (Midnight Island)
North Arm (Careless)
Huxlee (Teammate)
Stay Bless (Paradise)
London O’Connor (Nobody Hangs Out Anymore)

Photo credit: Invisible feeling, oil on canvas by Shiori Matsumoto

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Julie AndrewsWork Drugs (The Good In Goodbye)
The Dodos (Goodbyes And Endings)
Radiation City (So Long)
Communions (So Lon Sun)
Vallès (Farewell)
Zooey (Goodbye Now)
Explosions In The Sky (So Long, Lonesome)
Manicanparty (Farewell)
Apparat (Goodbye)
Hayasua (Farewell Blues)
Matt Berry (Farewell Summer Sun)
Pokey LaFarge (So Long Honeybee, Goodbye)
Johnny Ripper (Goodbye)
Emile Hayne (A Kiss Goodbye – feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonté Hynes and Sampha)
Sol Flare (Last Goodbye – feat. Sasha Rakhman)
Little People (Farewell)
Ouici (The Farewell)
Feder (Goodbye – feat. Lyse)

Photo credit: Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound Of Music

How To Disappear

FesettiEmmy The Great (Swimming Pool)
Lomboy (In The Chamber Of Vanu)
The Ocean Blue (No Money In That)
Elephant (Statuesque)
La Plage (Mark)
The Memory Band (I See Cuckoo)
The Dø (Miracles (Back in Time))
The Steinbecks (Homesickness)
Martin Carr (The Santa Fe Skyway)
She Sir (Bitter Bazaar)
The Lucksmiths (When I’m Walking)
The Camerawalls (Wanderlust)
The Gentle Isolation (Sea Horses)
Chris Weisman (Working On My Skateboarding)
By The Sea (I See A Crystal Sky)
Diners (Out Of The Blue)
Shy Boys (Follow The Leader)

Photo credit: How to disappear technique by Fesetti

It Reminds Me Of Something: The Shop

This session is devoted to the opening of the store in Barcelona It Reminds Me Of Something.

GratitudeBillie Black (Do You Really)
Royal Canoe (Today We’re Believers)
Atom Tree (Desired Effect – feat. Fergus Cook)
Tricky (Silly Games – feat. Tirzah)
Lazy Day (Oldest Friend), Wye Oak (Logic Of Color)
Hospitality (Friends Of Friends)
Bea1991 (Safe Ground)
Joe Goddard (Taking Over)
Miaoux Miaoux (Stop The Clocks)
Museum Of Love (Monotronic)
Stay Bless (Faded – feat. Dev Hynes & Samantha Urbani)
Deptford Goth (The Loop)
Tom Day & Laura Lethlean (You)
Mount Kimbie (You Took Your Time – feat. King Krule)
Atelje (Transition)

Photo credit: A can of Gratitude by The Flow Market. English collection.
GRATITUDE: The state of feeling thankful, supported and pleased.

Today Is Gonna Be Great

todayHayden Desser (Rainy Saturday)
Eric & Magill (Tangled Up In Nets)
Sweet Baboo (Let’s Go Swimming Wild)
Jamaican Queens (Water)
Big Harp (Waiting For Some Drunk)
Maston (Messages)
Nightlands (So Far So Long)
Sophia Knapp (Times Square)
Alessi’s Ark (Tin Smithing)
Steve Mason (Fire!)
Akron/Family (River)
Lawrence Arabia (Travelling Shoes)
Jacco Gardner (Clear The Air)
Taken By Trees (Dreams)
Stornoway (Beachcomber’s Windowsill)
Shoemansky (What If I Said – feat. Tony Harris)

Photo credit: © Molly Jacques Illustration & Hand Lettering 2013.