Summer bucket list: go stargazing! “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.” ― Stephen Hawking

Itsuko Suzuki

Andy C Jenkins (Lazy Coast)
Ashley Shadow (Tired)
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight (The Lucky One)
De Montevert (It’s Alright I’m Probably Dreaming)
Julia Jacklin (Pool Party)
Psychic Ills (Another Change)
Gorgeous Bully (Beaucoup)
The Pooches (Heart Attack)
Girl Ray (I’ll Make This Fun)
Syvia (Anxious Animal)
Karenmeat (On The Couch)
The Good Sax (Up To Anything)
Kevin Morby (Dorothy)
Darren Hayman (I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy)
Kane Strang (Full Moon, Hungry Sun)
Erin Tobey (Work It Out)
Overcoats (Nighttime Hunger)

Photo credit: Landscape collage by Itsuko Suzuki

Girls Waving Goodbye. 2015 Favorites

Kelsey HannahDe Montevert (Let’s Not Run Away Together)
Rozi Plain (Jogalong)
Ofelia K (Hawk Fly Tiger Run)
Yokota (Blindside)
Bas Jan (Sat Nav)
Pom Poms (Betty)
Lupa J (Dirty Skin)
Aimee deBeer (Oblivion)
Mothers (No Crying In Baseball)
Quigley (Lost Again)
CuckooLander (Everybody Has A Dark Side)
Farao (Warriors)
Belle Mare (Cicada)
New Pharaohs (This Changes Everything)
Mary Spender (Primrose)
Ava Luna (Steve Polyester)

Photo credit: Kelsey Hannah

Nature And Nurture

Eva ymetal IsisStatic Animal (Majorca)
She-Devils (Come)
The Goon Sax (Boyfriend)
Pete Astor (My Right Hand)
Bad Sounds (Avalanche)
Andy Shauf (Jenny Come Home)
Strawberry Whiplash (Time Takes You Away)
Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye (O Papa)
Lucy Dacus (I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore)
Snøskred (Puzzle)
Young Husband (Waverley Street)
Bruising (Emo Friends)
Shunkan (Paleontologist)
Jessie Jones (Quicksilver Screen)
Teen (All About Us)
Moss Lime (I Always Get What I Want)
Flowers (Ego Loss)
Mothers (It Hurts Until It Doesn’t)

Photo credit: Isis, silver and gold piece by ymetal


Quite Contrary

Houndstooth (No News From Home)
Two Sheds (I Am My Own)
Rozi Plain (Friend City)
Girlpool (Before The World Was Big)
Natalie McCool (Pins)
Vök (Waterfall)
Band Of Gold (But In the Movie Baby)
Summer Camp (Beyond Clueless)
Stealing Sheep (Greed)
Jack + Eliza (Diamonds)
Maria Minerva (The Beginning)
Jenny Hval (The Battle Is Over)
Salvadarlings (Another Phase)
Part-Time Friends (Home)
Wilsen (Garden)
Lyla Foy (Place Too Low)
Saba Lou (Until The End)

Photo credit: Illustration by Marie Assénat

Adventure Begins

Oliver SpiesI’m From Barcelona (Violins)
Oscar (Stay)
Man Of Moon (The Road)
Leisure (Hot Love)
Nottee (Do You Love Me)
TV Girl (Like We Planned – feat. Madison Acid)
Nodaway (Coming Attractions)
Compny (Lovers)
The Mynabirds (Semantics)
Astronauts, etc. (I Know)
Foreign/National (The Hedonist)
Shapes On Tape (Get Dressed Up)
Little Racer (Montevideo)
Lobby (In These Times)
Strange Babes (Million Years From Now – feat. Junica)
The Echo Peaks (Bend Out Shape)

Photo credit: Oliver Spies

Choice, Chance, Change

Harriet Lee MerrionEla Orleans (The Sky And The Ghost)
Wye Oak (Despicable Animal – Moss Of Aura + Future Islands Remix)
Mikey Mike (Cut My Hair)
Amason (Kelly)
Albert Hammond Jr. (Born Slippy)
Calvin Love (Daydream)
Tall Tales And The Silver Lining (Something To Believe In)
Jordan Klassen (Firing Squad)
Ski Lodge (Trust), Karl King (Careful)
Lady Lamb (Billions Of Eyes)
Courtney Barnett (Dead Fox)
Death And Vanilla (Arcana)
Darlings (Mein The Sky)
Boxed In (Lo Life – feat. CockNBull Kid)
Valet (Nature)

Photo credit: Illustration by Harriet Lee-Merrion

Get Well Soon

Clare ElsaesserSpring King (Not Me, Not Now)
Bahamas (Stronger Than That)
Frugal Father (Smothering Mother)
Peggy Sue (Say What You Mean)
The Shivas (You Make Me Want To Die)
The Fisherman (If She Wants To Leave, She Will)
The Sea Life Music (Transitions)
Fake Laugh (Freely)
Just Another Snake Cult (Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere?)
Volcano Choir (Island, IS)
Jacob Trombetta (Waveguide)
Soldier’s Heart (New Housie)
Majestic (Metal)
The Embassy (Related Artist)
The Golden Dregs (A Life Aquatic)
Jim Ruiz Set (Miss Fortunate)
J Mascis (Wide Awake)
Laetitia Sadier (Then, I Will Love You Again)
Mariam The Believer (To Conquer Pain With Love)

Photo credit: So Much by Clare Elsaesser

This Too Shall Pass

Jiro YoshiharaJordan Klassen (Go To Me)
Ages And Ages (I See More)
Faces On Film (The Rule)
Emily King (Ordinary Heart)
Young Fathers (Low)
Fatima (La Neta)
Misun (Travel With Me)
Wild Ones (Hold On, We’re Going Home)
Coin (Honey)
Jinja Safari (Oh Benzo!)
No Middle Name (Another Season)
Lime Cordiale (Sleeping At Your Door)
Temples (Prisms)
Washed Out (All I Know)
Cooper (Flood)
I Know Leopard (Hold This Tight)
Zoos Of Berlin (Above The Air)


Photo credit: Work, by Jiro Yoshihara, 1967. Oil on canvas.

Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Ashlie ChavezRadiation City (Foreing Bodies)
Musique Le Pop (We Can Be Good)
Electric Guest (American Daydream)
Luke Temple (More Than Muscle)
Bad Bad Hats (Super America)
Kishi Bashi (Bright Whites)
Hayley Coupon (True Friend)
Generationals (Put A Light On)
Peaking Lights (Hey Sparrow)
Legs (Two Colours)
Soft Shadows (Whatever You Say)
Alameda (Summer Dharma)
Pure Bathing Culture (Lucky One)
Dresses (Blew My Mind)
Little Children (Falling)
Lightning Love (I Know)
Lucius (Wildewoman)
Monnone Alone (The Business World)
The Curtains (Go Lucky)

Photo credit: Everything is Going to be okay #1. Collage by Ashlie Chavez

Go On A Roadtrip With Someone Fun. Now.

Corrie BondWaxahatchee (Coast To Coast)
The Dø (Travel Light)
Tunng (So Far From Here)
Social Studies (Away For The Weekend)
Yuna (I Wanna Go)
Big Tree (Seattle Bound)
Passenger (The Wrong Direction)
Radical Face (We’re On Our Way)
Blank Tapes (Coast To Coast)
Wild Nothing (Nocturne)
Band Of Horses (Shut-In Tourist)
Hollis Brown (Ride In The Train)
When Saints Go Machine (Parix)
The Babies (Get Lost)
The Shouting Matches (Gallup, NM)
The Melodic (On My Way)
Ivan & Alyosha (Running For Cover)

Photo credit: Girls on the road by Corrie Bond for Marie Claire Australia