You Are Missing Out

Mercedes HelnweinLola Marsh (You’re Mine)
Flo Morrissey (Pages Of Gold)
Sorcha Richardson (Petrol Station)
Aurora (Runaway)
Anima! (Breathe)
Dog In The Snow (Concrete Wall)
Nova Heart (Lackluster No.)
Lemon (You Know Too Much)
The Indien (The More You Try)
Robyn Sherwell (Tightropes)
Eleanor Dunlop (Disguise)
Spelles (Out Of The Canyon)
Overcoats (Smaller Than My Mother)
atOlla (Bloom)
Teenage Love (Deserted Places)

Photo credit: Shelby Smoking by Mercedes Helnwein

Choice, Chance, Change

Harriet Lee MerrionEla Orleans (The Sky And The Ghost)
Wye Oak (Despicable Animal – Moss Of Aura + Future Islands Remix)
Mikey Mike (Cut My Hair)
Amason (Kelly)
Albert Hammond Jr. (Born Slippy)
Calvin Love (Daydream)
Tall Tales And The Silver Lining (Something To Believe In)
Jordan Klassen (Firing Squad)
Ski Lodge (Trust), Karl King (Careful)
Lady Lamb (Billions Of Eyes)
Courtney Barnett (Dead Fox)
Death And Vanilla (Arcana)
Darlings (Mein The Sky)
Boxed In (Lo Life – feat. CockNBull Kid)
Valet (Nature)

Photo credit: Illustration by Harriet Lee-Merrion

Love Me Two Times

Marius UhligAvid Dancer (San Diego Zoo – Magnetic Fields)
Holobody (Stars & Sons – Broken Social Scene)
Andrew Bird (Fake Headlines – The New Pornographers)
Ghost Youth (Kiss The Gurl – Samuel E. Wright)
Gnash (Coco – O.T. Genasis)
Slow Club (Seasons – Future Islands)
Lost Film (Emma’s House – The Field Mice)
The Twilight Sad (I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face – Arthur Russell)
Bipolar Sunshine (Team – Lorde)
Emily Wells (What Is Love – Haddaway)
Bodies Of Water (Everybody Hurt – R.E.M.)
GRMLN (Time After Time – Cindy Lauper)
Doctors And Lawyers (No Spare Key – Honeyblood)
His Clancynes (Head Hang Low – Julian Cope)
Who Made Who (Deep Black Vanishing Train – Mark Lanegan)
Sondre Lerche (Chandelier – Sia)

Photo credit: The Norris Twins photographed by Marius Uhlig

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Julie AndrewsWork Drugs (The Good In Goodbye)
The Dodos (Goodbyes And Endings)
Radiation City (So Long)
Communions (So Lon Sun)
Vallès (Farewell)
Zooey (Goodbye Now)
Explosions In The Sky (So Long, Lonesome)
Manicanparty (Farewell)
Apparat (Goodbye)
Hayasua (Farewell Blues)
Matt Berry (Farewell Summer Sun)
Pokey LaFarge (So Long Honeybee, Goodbye)
Johnny Ripper (Goodbye)
Emile Hayne (A Kiss Goodbye – feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonté Hynes and Sampha)
Sol Flare (Last Goodbye – feat. Sasha Rakhman)
Little People (Farewell)
Ouici (The Farewell)
Feder (Goodbye – feat. Lyse)

Photo credit: Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound Of Music

Name Dropping

John BathoSur Back (Jane Eyre)
Makegodcry (Michael Douglas)
Ancient Cities (Edie Sedgwick)
Lovejoy (Sid Vicious)
Kosmonaut Dog (Raymond Carver)
Nun (Uri Geller)
Cosmica (Jean Genet)
Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power (Guy De Maupaussant)
Jon Bellion (Jim Morrison)
Priscilla Ahn (Michael Keaton)
The Hi-Life Companion (Sabatini)
Tigercats (Stevie Nicks)
The Fontaines (Dustin Hoffman)
Rémi Gauvin (Ernest Hemingway)
The Wax Collection (Jack Kerouac)
Jack Kerouac reading from On The Road and Visions Of Cody)
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel (Nico)

Photo credit: Présents et absents, photograph by John Batho

It Reminds Me Of Something: The Shop

This session is devoted to the opening of the store in Barcelona It Reminds Me Of Something.

GratitudeBillie Black (Do You Really)
Royal Canoe (Today We’re Believers)
Atom Tree (Desired Effect – feat. Fergus Cook)
Tricky (Silly Games – feat. Tirzah)
Lazy Day (Oldest Friend), Wye Oak (Logic Of Color)
Hospitality (Friends Of Friends)
Bea1991 (Safe Ground)
Joe Goddard (Taking Over)
Miaoux Miaoux (Stop The Clocks)
Museum Of Love (Monotronic)
Stay Bless (Faded – feat. Dev Hynes & Samantha Urbani)
Deptford Goth (The Loop)
Tom Day & Laura Lethlean (You)
Mount Kimbie (You Took Your Time – feat. King Krule)
Atelje (Transition)

Photo credit: A can of Gratitude by The Flow Market. English collection.
GRATITUDE: The state of feeling thankful, supported and pleased.

Head In The Clouds

Alicia SavageDon Paris Schlotman (Green Is The Color Of Dreams)
Karen O (Rapt)
Rangleklods (Clouds)
Johanna Samuels (Real Tragedies)
Gloom Balloon (She Was The One That Got Away)
Pure Bathing Culture (Dream The Dare)
Lapland (Overboard)
Kafka Tamura (Somewhere Else)
Connan Mockasin (Do I Make You Feel Shy?)
Saskatchewan (Possession)
Mental Bend (Take My Hand)
Billie Black (I Waited For You)
Lists (Veil)
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat (Alphabet)
Pure X (Fly Away With Me Woman)
Jordan Klassen (Sweet Chariot)
Giant Giant Sand (Not The End Of The World)

Photo credit: Self-portrait by Alicia Savage

Something Strange Happens

Paloma BlancoPhedre (Supernatural)
Treefight For Sunlight (Somewhere In The Future)
Y.O.U. (You Are Everything)
Ernest Ellis (Shine Like Me)
Andy Sadoway (Str8 Sh00ter)
Álauda (Falling Star)
Fink (Hard Believer)
White Poppy (Darkness Turns To Light)
Law Holt (Haters)
Febueder (Sloppiness Tank)
Shilpa Ray (Mother Is A Misanthrope)
Dan Sartain (Marfa Lights)
Chorus Grant (O Everyone)
Antony Elvin (The Cheese Song)
Apollo Brown (The Answer)

Photo credit: Illustration by Paloma Blanco Casanova

Dancing On My Own

Marga CorametaConner Youngblood (Confidence)
All We Are (Feel Safe)
Elephant (Elusive Youth)
Sway Clarke II (Secret Garden)
RLMDL (Bilingual)
Airling (Ouroboros)
Lowell (The Bells)
Glass Animals (Rework – feat. Chester Watson)
Daniel Wilson (Please Dream Again)
Wake Owl (Candy)
Francis And The Lights (If They Don’t Come Tomorrow)
Kyla La Grange (Cut Your Teeth)
Timothy Bloom (Stand In The Way (Of My Love))
Mahaut Mondino (Vodoo Me)
Zoo Brother (If I Could (You Would Know))
Khushi (Phantoms)
Sales (Chinese New Year)
Bea1991 (Breadwinner)
Fort Jams (Jacket Inside)
The Blow (From The Future)
Wye Oak (The Tower)
Woman’s Hour (Darkest Place)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Lonely Woman)


Photo credit: Dancing with myself, by Marga Corameta

Trains And Boats And Planes

Laurent ChehereWampire (Trains)
Pupkulies & Rebecca (Burning Boats)
Jon Bellion (Paper Planes)
Kevin Morby (Slow Train – feat. Cate Le Bon)
Lanterns On The Lake (Ships In The Rain)
Bill Callahan (Small Plane)
Gareth Dickson (Two Trains)
Dead Man’s Bones (Paper Ships)
Who Made Who (Keep Me In My Plane)
Teleman (Steam Train Girl)
Hollow Everdaze (Ships)
Diana And The Clementines (I Took A Trip On A Plane)
Gardens & Villa (Bullet Train)
Swimp (Ships)
Portugal. The Man (Sea Of Air)
Emilee South (Midday Train)
Greg And The Hawk (Boats And Birds)

Photo credit: Flying Houses. La grande illusion / The great illusion by Laurent Chehere