We Have Plenty Of Time

Vetiver – Wanted, Never Asked
Katy J Pearson – Tonight
Holy – Forget About Life
Sorcha Richardson – First Prize Bravery
Human Barbie – We Disappeared
Freedomfry – Matchstick
Andy Shauf – Things I Do
Matt Dorrien – Teddy Wilson
Brooke Bentham – All My Friends Are Drunk
Wished Bone – Hold Me
Alexandra Savior – The Archer
Hether – Shy
Benee – Monsta
Jordan Mackampa – What Am I
Electric Guest – Get Out
Joy Crookes – Early (feat. Jafaris)
Kyson – The Boy

Photo credit: Egon Schiele – Portrait of Edith (the artist’s wife) (Detail)

I Contain Multitudes

“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)” ― Extract from Song of Myself – Leaves of Grass (1892-92) | The Walt Whitman Archive

Katty Huertas

Jenny O. (Be Here Now)
Jim James (Same Old Lie)
Parekh & Singh (Philosophize)
Yellow House (Better Views)
Kan Wakan (I Would)
Oldboy (Debaser)
Alex Izenberg (To Move On)
Bros (Tell Me)
The Seshen (Already Gone)
Trails And Ways (Intuition)
Bouquet (Ode To Dom)
Cairobi (Ghost)
M.I.L.K. (U And Me)
Giant Party (Where Have You Been?)
North Downs (Nothin’)

Photo credit: What are you seeing? self-portrait by Katty Huertas. Acrylic on canvas, 2015.


Paradise Lost

Viviane SassenBritta Phillips (One Fine Summer Morning)
Michael Nau (Smooth Aisles)
Snøskred (Mirage)
The Haiduks (Diamond Drop)
The Limiñanas (Garden Of Love – feat. Peter Hook)
Gold Celeste (The Wonder Of Love)
Stranded Horse (Monde)
Mu (16 Years)
Adesuwa (Coach Class)
Okay Kaya (Keep On Pushin’)
Kadhja Bonet (This Love)
Johnny Jewel (Prayer To St. Therese – feat. Chloë Sevigny)
Masasolo (Really Thought She Loved Me)
Tellef Raabe (Flying On The Ground)
Frances Cone (Arizona)
Karl Blau (Fallin’ Rain)

Photo credit: Ivy (Parasomnia) by Viviane Sassen

A Shiny New Year Ahead

2016 New Releases

Yrjo EdelmannIslandis (Home)
Hunk (Never Had A Dream)
Emmy The Great (Dance w Me)
Charlie Hilton (100 Million)
Pete Astor (Really Something)
Damien Jurado (Exit 353)
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (Nobody Dies)
Fraser A. Gorman (Skyscraper Skyline Blues)
Nico Yaryan (Just Tell Me)
Pillar Point (Part Time Love)
Dear Tracks (All The Outs Are Free)
TW Walsh (Young Rebels)
Fat White Family (Whitest Boy On The Beach)
La Sera (High Notes)
Cian Nugent (Lost Your Way)
Matt Kivel (Jamie’s)
Your Friend (Heathering)

Photo credit: Magnetic Field Energy, oil painting on canvas by Yrjö Edelmann

Time To Recap. 2014 Favorites

Walker EvansK. Flay (Wishing It Was You)
Young Fathers (Soon Come Soon)
Glass Animals (Hazey)
Seekae (The Stars Below)
Yumi Zouma (Alena)
Avid Dancer (I Want To See You Dance)
Tei Shi (See Me)
Daniel Wilson (Killed Ya)
Denitia And Sene (Running)
Mahaut Mondino (Jungle)
Wilough (Cares)
Lorine Chia (Babbling Idiots)
Bipolar Sunshine (Future Part 1 – feat. Goldlink)
Fryars (Prettiest Ones Fly Highest)
Lyla Foy (No Secrets)
Sales (Vow)
Akiine (Swans)
Kwamie Liv (Follow You)

Photo credit: Broadway, 1930 by Walker Evans

Just Because

Just becauseLavender Diamond (I Don’t Recall)
Rainbow Chan (Haircut)
Pluto Jonze (All Washed Up)
Jesse Woods (Lazerburn)
Jonathan Rado (Hand In Mine)
Lupa (Eyes Unclouded)
Sales (Tonka Time)
Teleman (Lady Low)
Leapling (Neutrino)
Akiine (Frid)
Sivu (Can’t Stop Now)
Flyte (Over And Out)
Cosmo Sheldrake (Solar)
Glass Animals (Holliest – feat. Tei Shi)
Marika Hackman (Wolf)
Peggy Sue (Idle)
Sumie (Lost In Light)
Lower Plenty (Strange Beast)
Pure X (Thousand Year Old Child)
Jaakko Eino Kalevi (No End)


Photo ffffound…

Going To California

CaliforniaPepper Rabbit (Murder Room)
Tashaki Miyaki (Cool Runnings)
PAPA (Ain’t It So)
Chester French (She Loves Everybody)
Wildcat! Wildcat! (Garden Grays)
Cloud Life (Deadly)
Mister Goodnite (Don’t Trust Me)
Son Of Stan (Noxeema)
Boardwalk (Crying)
Holy Folk (Time Lapse)
Little Wings (All Alone House)
MVSCLES (Something)
Sir Sly (Miracle)
Moses Sumney (Dwell In The Dark)
Penthouse Penthouse (What U Sippin On)
Walla (No Time)
The Fresh & Onlys (Presence Of Mind)
Bell Gardens (Through The Rain)
Filbert (Breath)
Meg Myers (The Morning After)


Photo ffffound…


Handsome Voices

Olimpio FuscoBelgian Fog (Loveless Way)
Cosmo Sheldrake (The Moss)
Sin Fang (Only Eyes)
Jesse Davidson (Big Bois Gotta Eat)
Sweet Baboo (You Are The Best Beach That I Know)
The Landing (Strange Charm)
Timber Timbre (Hot Dreams)
Sivu (Coldhands)
Dent May (Born Too Late)
Dalton Solo (Only Names)
Shoemansky (The Good Men)
Fryars (The Power)
William Bolton (Diamons)
Sam & Raw (Strange)
Eli Mardock (Cut Me Open)
Matt Duncan (Lone Ranger)
Day Bodine (Save)
Grey Reverend (Everlasting)
Jeremy Messersmith (Organ Donor)
Hayden Calnin (Coward)
Raj (Ghost)


Photo credit: John Singer Sargent’s Head of Olimpio Fusco


Sarah McNeilGossling (Harvest Of Gold)
Foreign/National (All Honesty)
Dick Diver (Alice)
Hungry Kids of Hungary (Do Or Die)
Rolls Bayce (Arrows)
The Preatures (Manic Baby)
Danvers (Oh Darling)
Moon Holiday (Switching Sides)
Holy Holy (Impossible Like You)
Ernest Ellis (Black Wire)
Jeremy Neale (Swing Left)
Cub Sport (Scream)
Philemon (Kingdomsong)
Audego (Liar)
Go Violets (Wanted)
Major Leaguess(Feel)
Last Dinosaurs (Alps)

Photo credit: Antipodes Island Parrot illustration by Sarah McNeil

21 Cups Of Tea

Lissy ElleHoneyblood (Bud)
Midnight Bonfires (Even In The Dark)
Hugh (Look Back In Laughter)
Patawawa (Charmer – feat. Beth Garret)
Glass Animals (Psylla)
Soak (Blud)
Golden Glow (The Scene)
No Middle Name (When Forever Ends)
Chapel Club (Shy)
Plastic Mermaids (Polaroids)
Lion Bark (Two Prongs)
Blessa (Between Times)
Hella Better Dancer (Sleeptalking)
Mind Enterprises (My Girl)
Twin Graves (Brothers)
Elvis Wesley (The Eclipse)
Scorpioloon (Toronto Blues)
Virginia Wing (Donna’s Gift)
Alexander Teller (Like A Dog)
Naomi Hates Humans (Death Of A Party)
Crayola Lectern (Billennia)


Photo credit: How Alicia Hides by Lissy Elle