Marina Muun

Luka (Why Don’t You Go To Her)
Julia Jacklin (Leadlight)
Father John Misty (Real Love Baby)
The Weather Station (Way It Is, Way It Could Be)
Sarah Bethe Nelson (Uneasy)
Cheshires (Wish Something Would Happen)
Marching Church (Lion’s Den)
Mount Saint Leonard (Blame Me)
Say Hi (Clicks & Bangs)
Fred Thomas (Bad Blood)
California Snow Story (Motorway)
Plastic Mermaids (Alaska)
Emily Jane White (Frozen Garden)
Cosmonauts (Party At Sunday)
Will Samson (The Dream That I Dream)
Drugdealer (Suddenly – feat. Weyes Blood)

Photo credit: Illustration by Marina Muun

Fear Reminds Us To Be Present

Manjit Thapp

Seekae (Turbine Blue)
Computer Magic (Dimensions)
The Radio Dept. (Swedish Guns)
Liyv (Feeling Like Me)
Bad Sea (Solid Air)
Laurel (Hurricane)
Ten Fe (Turn)
Elohim (Hallucinating)
Donna Missal (Slide)
FFX (Little Boy)
Hanne Mjøen (Perfect Noise)
Tender (Violence)
Lonely Benson (Moonstone)
Kingston (Sole Lovers)
Anteros (Ring Ring)
Leon Power (Open Up)
Jason Nolan (The Offing)

Photo credit: Illustration by Manjit Thapp


Time Lapse

Mouni FeddagShining Bird (Rivermouth)
Joy Crookes (New Manhattan)
Kevin Morby (I Have Been To The Mountain)
Tiny Deaths (The Gardener)
Willis Earl Beal (Survive)
Yes (Beautiful Mess)
Anderson Paak (The Bird)
Clea (Dire Consequences)
Stello NYC (Pretty Thing)
Favela (Blinker)
Purple Pilgrims (Thru Evry Cell)
The Walters (I Love You So)
Lanterns On The Lake (Through The Cellar Door)
Twin Cabins (Painfully Obvious)
EinarIndra (Sometimes I’m Wrong)
The Bernard Lakes (The Motorway)
Mesita (Epilogue)

Photo credit: Cover for an issue of Epigram/e2, student magazine at the University of Bristol, by illustrator Mouni Feddag

Science Of Dreams

Yoko TanjiDumbo Gets Mad (Younivers)
Husky Rescue (Far From The Storm)
Giorgio Tuma (Trough Your Hands Love Can Shine – feat. Laetitia Sadier)
Tops (Anything)
Youth Lagoon (Rotten Human)
A Sunny Day In Glasgow (Hey, You’re Mine)
William Alexander (Giant Fade)
Benny Sings (One Of This Hearts)
Petite League (Two Flags)
Tom Low (Phone)
Plastic Mermaids (Painted Lady)
Chris Wilson (Here She Comes)
Globelamp (Washington Moon)
Cloud (Patience Through The Storm)
JJ (Paranoid)
Mined (Bags)
Forced Random (Go Get It)

Photo credit: Illustration by Yoko Tanji

Time Means Nothing

Claudine DouryLupa J (Waiting For Her)
The Legends (Keep Him)
Barbarossa (Home – feat. Jose Gonzales)
Rainer (Water)
Refracted Memories (Animals)
Mr Jones & His Visions Of Pearl (With The Pilgrims)
Husky (Ruckers Hill)
Will Joseph Cook (Daisy Chains)
Brave Shores (More Like You)
Trails And Ways (Say You Will)
Sibling (Easy)
Boats (Shallows)
Szymon (Golden)
Giants (Throwback feat. Josef Salvat)
Doe Paoro (The Wind feat. Adam Rhodes)
Fossa (Static)

Photo credit: Claudine Doury, Le port, Aralsk, from series Loulan Beauty, 2003

Universal Understanding

Ashley MackenzieThe Derevolutions (I Feel A Goo World)
Andrew Scandal (Cold Winters (In California))
Howard (Money Can’t Buy)
Diamond Thug (What I Think I Know)
Willow Beats (Merewif)
Klo (False Calls)
Jarryd James (Do You Remember)
Denai Moore (Blame)
Grayson Gilmour (Lichtung)
Spirit Faces (Cloudplay – feat. Buoy)
The Callstore (Rich Man)
Ghost Youth/Dylon Ja (Bimbo)
Radiation City (Stutter)
Schultz And Forever (Spirit Molecule)
The Olive Shoots (Heaven Is On The Fire)
Pascal Babare (Nona)

Photo credit: Universal understanding, illustration by Ashley Mackenzie


Inner Garden

Julie DaleydenSlow Club (Tears Of Joy)
Jim Guthrie (Wish I Were You)
Natalie Prass (Why Don’t You Believe In Me)
Blake Mills (If I’m Unworthy)
New God (Ocean Hum)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Wide Awake)
Grammar (New World)
C Duncan (Say)
Howard Ivans (Red Face Boy)
Daniel Rossen (Not Coming Back)
Hunck (Something Missing)
Holy Two (Deep Breath)
William Arcane (Not The Only One)
Here We Go Magic (Everything’s Big)
Grandma Sparrow (The Farewell Bolero)

Photo credit: Jardin intime, engraving by Julie Daleyden

How To Disappear

FesettiEmmy The Great (Swimming Pool)
Lomboy (In The Chamber Of Vanu)
The Ocean Blue (No Money In That)
Elephant (Statuesque)
La Plage (Mark)
The Memory Band (I See Cuckoo)
The Dø (Miracles (Back in Time))
The Steinbecks (Homesickness)
Martin Carr (The Santa Fe Skyway)
She Sir (Bitter Bazaar)
The Lucksmiths (When I’m Walking)
The Camerawalls (Wanderlust)
The Gentle Isolation (Sea Horses)
Chris Weisman (Working On My Skateboarding)
By The Sea (I See A Crystal Sky)
Diners (Out Of The Blue)
Shy Boys (Follow The Leader)

Photo credit: How to disappear technique by Fesetti

My Oh My How Time Flies

Cilician brideThe Son Of P.M. (Fountian)
Phophin Phetlanna (Rot Thip Thao)
The Trinidad Steel Band (L’homme à la grosse tête)
Tim Maia (Que Beleza)
Ibo Combo (Mateau)
Los Zafiros (Bossa Cubana)
Le Seigneur Rochereau (Pitie)
The Sahara All Star Of Jos (Feso Jaiye)
Girma Bèyènè (Ene Negne Bay Manesh)
Hailu Mergia (Shilela)
Tsegué Maryam Guèbrou (Mother’s Love)
Jimmy Amukamua (Khukhava Minyinzi)
Franco & L’OK Jazz (Marie Eléna)
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family (Lonely Night)
Mestre Cupijo (Mingau de Açai)
Mr Trombone (Cumbia del tren a Oriente)
Som Três (Eu So Posso Assim)
William Onyeabor (Fantastic Man)

Photo credit: Cilician bride, Armenia. Found

A Stranger’s Comforting Hand On Your Shoulder

Charles F LummisLyla Foy (Only Human)
Scrimshire (Beached)
Kadhja Bonet (Tears For Lamont)
Dan Amor (Sister Anne)
Johnny Lloyd (Dead Beat)
Luluc (Small Window)
Tops (Sleeptalker)
Horse Thief (Little Dust)
Castanets (Tell Them Memphis)
Hayden Calnin (Comatose)
Left Right Arms (Casement)
Furns (Dreaming Of The Sea)
Erland & The Carnival (Daughter)
The Feather (What If)
Brooke Sharkey (I Crossed The Line)
Kwamie Liv (5 AM)
Cold Specks (Holland)

Photo credit: My Smallest Sitter. Photograph of a hummingbird perched on someone’s hand by Charles F. Lummis (1891).