Hide And Seek

Mark Loughrey – Before I Was Awake
Anna St. Louis – 288
Julia Jacklin – Hay Plain
Kevin Krauter – Fantasy Theme
PigPen Theatre Co. – Sydney
Violetta Zironi – Don’t Make Me A Fool
Modern Studies – Every Florist In Every Town
Nev Cottee – Open Eyes
Cloves – Better Now (acoustic)
Meilyr Jones – All Is Equal In Love
Cass McCombs – Medusa’s Outhouse
Megan Bonnell – Can’t Have You
Frightened Rabbit – Fields Of Wheat
Mutual Benefit – The Hereafter

Photo credit: Bath White. Oil on canvas by Amy Judd.


Across The Desert

DesertThe Vryll Society (Air)
Tempest (Too Slow)
Sample Answer (Good Boy)
Tuff Love (Carbon)
Captions (Two Step)
The Abigails (Calm Before The Storm)
Alice Phoebe Lou (Walking In The Garden)
William Z. Villain (Anybody Gonna Move?)
Ultimate Painting (Break The Chain)
Michael Nau (Winter Beat)
Lee Reit (Dream Another Night)
Smile (Boundless Plains To Share)
Quiet Hollers (Mont Blanc)
Let’s Say We Did (Sometimes Every Second Is A Dream)
Teen Daze (Along)
Psychic Ills (I Don’t Mind – feat. Hope Sandoval)

Photo found

To Have, To Make, To Be

IcinoriTV Girl (She Smokes In Bed)
Mild High Club (Windowpane)
The Good Sports (Tell Me Why)
Alex Bleeker And The Freaks (Don’t Look Down)
Home School (Mellow Neighbour)
Fake Laught (Kinda Girl)
Martin Courtney (Vestiges)
Bahamas (Waves)
Peter Bibby (Hate My Boozin’)
Regla (Big Smoke)
The Madcaps (Moon Night)
Porches (Mood)
Anika (I Go To Sleep)
Mega Bog (Year Of Patience)
Stanley Brinks & Freschard (If You Have Time)
Oberhofer (Feeling Sad)
Hungry Cloud Darkening (Hold This Moment)

Photo credit: Cover for Hors Cadres magazine by Icinori

Rust And Stardust

Sue Lyon by Bert SternThe Goastt (Johannesburg)
Part Time (My Jamey)
Dirt Dress (Revelations)
The Memories (Trouble)
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms (The Phantom)
Psychomagic (Flowers On The Sun)
Dante Elephante (All The Time)
Winter (Bedroom Philosophies)
Broncho (Class Historian)
Wet & Reckless (Machinery)
Buttertones (Orpheus Under The Influence)
Warm Soda (Young Reckless Hearts)
Drinking Flowers (Pop Underground)
The Squids (Twiddler)
The Electric Magpie (Birds In The Trees)
Twin Steps (The Re-Arranger)
Ghostporn (Persephone), Little Girl Blue (Spring Flower)

Photo credit: Sue Lyon photographed by Bert Stern as Kubrick’s Lolita (1962)

So Far, So Good

Julian-LandiniPsychic Ills (One More Time)
The Growlers (Big Toe)
Helicon Bats (City Soldiers)
Stupid Cupids (Beach Girl)
The Echo Peaks (Summertime)
Bubblegum Lemonade (Have You Seen Faith?)
The City And Horses (Pretty Pretty)
Gruff Rhys (Liberty (Is Where We’ll Be))
The Babe Rainbow (Love Forever)
The Good Sports (Out Of The Way)
Great Ytene (Away For Now)
The Blank Tapes (Uh-Oh)
The Skygreen Leopards (Leave The Family)
Carroll (Bad Water)
Papercuts (Life Among The Savages)
Gulp (Seasoned Sun)
Slipstream (I Won’t Hurt You)

Photo credit: Illustration by Julian Landini

Delicious Burger Records Tunes

Ju UlvoasCurtis Harding (Keep On Shining)
Denney And The Jets (Water To Wine)
Natural Child (Out Of The Country)
Mystic Braves (Desert Island)
John Krautner (Northwood)
The Cairo Gang (Shivers)
The Guitars (When I Call Your Name)
Las Rosas (Black Cherry)
Fletcher C. Johnson (Thanksgiving)
Margo Guryan (Sunday Morning)
Street Gnar (Twenty Two, Twenty Two)
Chain And The Gang (Not Good Enough)
Idiot Glee (Swimming Pool)
Gap Dream (Love Is Not Allowed)
The Memories (Dancing In My Dreams)
Boogarins (Lucifernandis)
Cleaners From Venus (Saturday Games)
The Red Rippers (Bodybag)
The Boys Age (I Wish For God’s Sake)
Kim Fowley (Kim Vincent Fowley)


Photo credit: Danse Sale. Collage Art Print by Ju. Ulvoas

It Reminds Me Of Something

Michael CarsonJosephine Foster (Blood Rushing)
Miwa Gemini (The Other Half Of Me)
Bahamas (Lost In The Light)
Hilary Parkin (How Long Has It Been Going On)
Cass McCombs (Brighter! – feat. Karen Black)
Laura Gibson (La Grande), Woods (Cali In A Cup)
Treetop Flyers (Things Will Change)
Jessie Baylin (Hurry Hurry)
Rick Redbeard (Now We’re Dancing)
Mariee Sioux (Swimming Through Stone)
Sean Rowe (The Walker)
Jessica Pratt (Night Faces)
Tiny Ruins (Adelphi Apartments)
Kevin Morby (Miles, Miles, Miles)
La Luz (Call Me In The Day)

Photo credit: “Pink Dress” by Michael Carson.