Half-Past Nowhere

“We can only blame ourselves, so come sit with me in the dark. It’s half-past nowhere, everywhere.” ― Charles Bukowski

Gurli Octavia (You Lay Low)
Gus Harvey (Withches)
Jamila Woods (Holy)
Sleep Party People (The Missing Steps)
Jesse (De-pression)
Amber Arcades (Wouldn’t Even Know – feat. Bill Ryder Jones)
Willolux (Modern Day Maestro)
Horsebeach (The Highest Place)
Shabazz Palaces (Shine A Light – feat. Thaddillac)
The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack (Everything Is Right In Front Of Me)
Feathered Sun (How Strange)
Noa May (Hey – Pixies cover)
Ariel Pink (Another Weekend)
Nia Wyn (Do You Love Enough)
J. Bernardt (On Fire)
Lynette Williams (Light)

Photo credit: Tyler Spangler

Sorry I’m Late


Nyssa SharpLinda Sjöquist (PrimaVera)
Tiny Ruins (Straw Into Gold)
Hear Images (Hazy Plains)
Kristy Mcgee (Sandman)
George Cosby (Vacant Grace)
Whitney (No Woman)
Daniel Martin Moore (To Make It True)
Okay Kaya (I’m Stupid But I Love You)
I Have A Tribe (Medicine From Calgary)
Cross Record (Steady Waves)
Carter Tanton (Twentynine Palms – feat. Sharon Van Etten)
Simon Joyner (You Got Under My Skin)
Jenny Gillespie (Part Potawatomi)
Lion Bark (You And Me)
Growling Tongue (Are You For Real)
Aidan Knight (What Light Never Goes Dim)
Anna von Hausswolff (An Oath)

Photo credit: Girl with the yellow skirt, by Nyssa Sharp

Name Dropping

John BathoSur Back (Jane Eyre)
Makegodcry (Michael Douglas)
Ancient Cities (Edie Sedgwick)
Lovejoy (Sid Vicious)
Kosmonaut Dog (Raymond Carver)
Nun (Uri Geller)
Cosmica (Jean Genet)
Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power (Guy De Maupaussant)
Jon Bellion (Jim Morrison)
Priscilla Ahn (Michael Keaton)
The Hi-Life Companion (Sabatini)
Tigercats (Stevie Nicks)
The Fontaines (Dustin Hoffman)
Rémi Gauvin (Ernest Hemingway)
The Wax Collection (Jack Kerouac)
Jack Kerouac reading from On The Road and Visions Of Cody)
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel (Nico)

Photo credit: Présents et absents, photograph by John Batho

Some Like It Cold

“For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry.” ― Mary Oliver

ColdNick Hakim (Cold)
Gang Colours (Why Didn’t You Call? feat. Lulu James)
Brolin (Reykjavik)
Morning Ritual (So Cold)
Hugo (Dark Days)
Alex Cameron (Mongrel)
Coldair (In The Nether)
Exit Music (The Cold)
Fryars (Love So Cold)
My Autumn Empire (Blue Coat)
Arthur Beatrice (Councillor)
PVT (Cold Romance)
Milk & Bone (Coconut Water)
Linus Young (Cool Trip)
Emancipator (Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires)
Farao (To Sleep Apart)

Photo uncredited. Found in I See Circles

Head In The Clouds

Alicia SavageDon Paris Schlotman (Green Is The Color Of Dreams)
Karen O (Rapt)
Rangleklods (Clouds)
Johanna Samuels (Real Tragedies)
Gloom Balloon (She Was The One That Got Away)
Pure Bathing Culture (Dream The Dare)
Lapland (Overboard)
Kafka Tamura (Somewhere Else)
Connan Mockasin (Do I Make You Feel Shy?)
Saskatchewan (Possession)
Mental Bend (Take My Hand)
Billie Black (I Waited For You)
Lists (Veil)
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat (Alphabet)
Pure X (Fly Away With Me Woman)
Jordan Klassen (Sweet Chariot)
Giant Giant Sand (Not The End Of The World)

Photo credit: Self-portrait by Alicia Savage


Pluviophile (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Jacob Robert PriceBaths (Miasma Sky)
Jungle (Drops)
Gang Colours (Invisible In Your City)
Wilsen (Dusk)
Airhead (Autumn)
Frederic Robinson (Rain – feat. Melanie Robinson)
Sumie (Show Talked Windows)
Superhumanoids (Bad Weather)
Us Baby Bear Bones (Rain)
Woman’s Hour (Thunder)
Wild Nothing (The Body In Rainfall)
The Pond (The River)
Little Dragon (After The Rain)
Jamie Isaac (Grey Motion – feat. Amane)
Kins (Post Tropical Storm)
Raffertie (Rain / Teebs Remix)
Nev Cottee (Close Your Eyes)

Photo credit: “Untitled” by Jacob Robert Price.


Koto BolofoLightning Dust (Loaded Gun)
Whilk and Misky (Darklands)
Arthur Beatrice (Carter)
Blue Hawaii (Sierra Lift)
Akua (One’s Company)
Alice & The Glass Lake (Paracosm)
Emily Reo (Peach)
Tideup (Beaches)
Henrik José (Focus The Light)
Starlight Girls (Wasteland)
Sailor & I (Tough Love)
Py (Polyethers)
Leon Else (Tomorrow Land)
Port St. Willow (Soft Light Rush)
Bdlnds (Sleeping Beauty)
Safia (Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues)
Project Maldonado (Seraphim)
Forest Swords (Thor’s Stone)

Photo credit: Koto Bolofo for Hermès

Strange Weather

Laurel Halo – Airsick
Julia Holter – Goddess Eyes II
Matthew E. White – Will You Love Me
Helado Negro – 2º Día
Koushik – In A Green Space
Son Lux – Chase
Juana Molina – El Vestido
Lisa Papineau – Saxophone Calypso
Rokia Traoré – Zen
Cibelle – Man From Mars
Maria Minerva – Honey, Honey
Fujiya & Miyagi – OK
Hauschka – Cube

Photo credit: Zephyr of the Bay, C-Print, 2009. Elise Rasmussen.