Fire On The Moon

And so it went, all night long. With the moon on fire. But not really. And it was not the moon … Happy week of Ferragosto!


Pallas Athene (What I Want)
Drug Train (1976)
Toothless (Innocence Is Bliss – feat. Marika Hackman)
Tennis (Ladies Don’t Play Guitar)
Alex Cameron (The Comeback)
Gypsy & The Cat (Give & Take)
Lonely Benson (Peculiar Paradise)
Jane’s Party (Old Friends)
Minden (Sheila)
Tula (Another Kind Of Red)
Dent May (Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love)
Sophie Lowe X Twinkids (Mean)
Golden Suits (Gold Feeling)
Tender (Outside)
Ofelia K (Killing Me)
Sea Moya (Nothing Is Real)

Photo credit: The Olly and Dolly sisters, 1925. László Moholy-Nagy

Holding On For Tomorrow

Willy PoganyHolly Golightly (Seven Wonders)
Basia Bulat (Fool)
Elvis Perkins (Hogus Pogus)
Islands (Back Into It)
Emily Wells (Don’t Use Me Up)
Monte Booker (Baby – feat. Ravyn Lenae)
The Como Mamas (Out Of Wilderness)
Abram Shook (Chelsea Walls)
Calvin Love (Automaton)
Yann Tiersen (A Midsummer Evening)
The Weather Machine (Peach)
Frankie Cosmos (Sinister)
Violent Femmes (Love Love Love Love Love)
Strawberry Whiplash (This Is All We Have)
Ultimate Painting (I’ve Got The Sanctioned Blues)
The Lemons (JJ’s House)
H. Hawkline (Everybody’s On The Line)
Laura Gibson (The Cause)
Father John Misty (Maybe, Sweet One, You Won’t Have Nightmares Tonight)

Photo credit: Illustration from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Willy Pogany (1882-1955). Published in 1942 by David McKay.

Summer Vibe

SummerManou (Celebrate)
The Inbox (Cavalcade)
Cajsa Siik (Change Of Heart)
Myami (Soldier)
Mesa Luna (Church Garden)
Teen Daze (Morning World)
The KickDrums (Better)
Favored Nations (Always)
The Walking Who (My Future Wife)
Trails And Ways (Jacaranda)
No Vacation (Beach Summer)
Vigilantes (Elasticity)
Gengahr (She’s A Witch)
Mideau (Feet To The Sun)
Furns (Fortress)
The Lemon Queen (Magical)
Sui Zhen (Take It All Back)

Photo found

Hills Like White Elephants

Alex ProbaBurhou (Please Delete)
Absofacto (Dissolve)
Purple Ferdinand (Loving The Hate)
Leisure (Got It Bad)
Baro (Bears – feat. Venus Court)
Fiction (Staying Still)
Nic Hessler (Do You Ever)
Akiine (Destiny)
Von Sell (Ivan)
Lapcat (Anyways)
Denitia & Sene (Because We Are Fools)
Mahaut Mondino (The Long Game)
St. South (Cadence)
J’Danna (Gazing)
Emily King (Good Friend)
Ala Ni (Cherry Blossom)

Photo credit: Collage from A Poster A Day by Alex Proba

Carnival Ride

Violet GrayShannon Saunders (Silly Little Things)
Tiaan (Devil’s Touch)
Float Fall (Someday)
Lunivers (Happy Route)
Young Karin (Hearts)
First Rate People (Dark Age)
Swin Good & RLMDL (Saturday)
Thundamentals (Something I Said – feat. Thom Crawford)
Bear Mountain (Congo)
Herr Styler (We Are The Ones)
Harts (Lovers In Bloom)
Simian Ghost (Never Really Knew)
Holychild (Everytime I Fall)
Tom Misch & Carmody (Atmosphere)
Brolin (Swim Deep)
Yalls (Finally)

Photo credit: Carnival by Violet Gray – The Last Sparrow