Summer Blast

Summer2014D/R/U/G/S (Overcome – feat. Fé)
OJ Law (Star Stop)
Gym And Swim (Octopussy)
Fozzey & VanC (Gimme Love)
TV Girl (Birds Don’t Sing)
Benin City (Bus)
Johnny Lloyd (Pilgrims)
Wunder Wunder (Coastline)
Holiday Sidewinder (Carousel)
Decent Lovers (Me And Puppykitty)
Spider Bags (Japanese Vacation)
Ploy (Friend Of A Friend)
The Duke, Detroit (Summer’s Come)
The Wytches (The Holy Tightrope)
Melted Toys (Blush)
Mount Sharp (Icarus)
Broke For Free (Summer Spliffs)

Photo credit: Floating flamingo at Seafolly Australia’s official Instagram account

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