Stay Away From Lonely Places

Girls with lotus flowersHartebeest (Kalimba – feat. Rayne)
Sally Seltmann (Catch Of The Day)
Tiger Forest Cat (New York, New York)
Matt Kivel (Double Exposure)
CEO (Mirage)
Rodrigo Amarante (Hourglass)
Greyhounds (What’s On Your Mind)
Dog Trumpet (Speed Of Light)
Bart Davenport (Wearing The Changes)
Papercuts (Still Knocking At Your Door)
Brothertiger (In Mind)
The Donkeys (Scissor Me Cigs)
Ed Thomas (On My Own)
I Am The Sky (Jack And The Broken Shield)
Owls Of The Swamp (Garden)
School Of Language (Between The Suburbs)
Chad VanGaalen (Monster)
The Mary Onettes (Silence Is A Gun)
Röyksopp (Twenty Thirteen Рfeat. Jaime Irrepressible)


Photo credit: Girls standing in water holding bunches of American Lotus. Amana, Iowa, 1938. Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts, National Geographic.

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