Rust And Stardust

Sue Lyon by Bert SternThe Goastt (Johannesburg)
Part Time (My Jamey)
Dirt Dress (Revelations)
The Memories (Trouble)
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms (The Phantom)
Psychomagic (Flowers On The Sun)
Dante Elephante (All The Time)
Winter (Bedroom Philosophies)
Broncho (Class Historian)
Wet & Reckless (Machinery)
Buttertones (Orpheus Under The Influence)
Warm Soda (Young Reckless Hearts)
Drinking Flowers (Pop Underground)
The Squids (Twiddler)
The Electric Magpie (Birds In The Trees)
Twin Steps (The Re-Arranger)
Ghostporn (Persephone), Little Girl Blue (Spring Flower)

Photo credit: Sue Lyon photographed by Bert Stern as Kubrick’s Lolita (1962)

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