Places We Take For Granted

Luis BarraganThe Living Sisters (Can You Get To That?)
Harrison Hudson (Metal To Mold)
Azure Blue (Chesil Beach)
The Cannanes (Bumper)
The Clean (In The Dreamland Life You Need A Rubber Soul)
The Men (Candy)
Aidan Knight (A Mirror)
Tim Cohen (Haunted Hymns)
Yakuri Cable (Stars Fall Down)
Crayon Fields (So Do I)
The Birthday Kiss (Can You Keep A Secret?)
Wymond Miles (Pale Moon)
The Sweet Serenades (Can’t Get Enough)
Popstrangers (Heaven)
Little Tybee (Building A Bomb)
The Lucksmiths (Get-to-Bed Birds)
The Very Most (Just A Pup)
The Donkeys (I Like The Way You Walk)
Cats On Fire (A Few Empty Waves)

Photo credit: Casa Luis Barragán by Roderick Field. One of the covers of the book The Architecture of Hapiness by Alain De Botton.

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