Yes, I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You

David SzauderSales (Renee)
Casimer & Casimir (O Sweet Joe Pye)
The Vacuum Dreamers (Iris The Serene & Judy The Obscure)
The Mae Trio (William Morris)
Father John Misty (Nancy From Now On)
Darren Hayman & The Long Parliament (Henrietta Maria)
Luke Temple (Florida)
Lissy Trullie (Madeleine)
Thieves Like Us (Maria Marie)
Allah Las (Sandy)
Bitch Perfect (Adelaide)
Ex Cops (James)
Sarah Jaffe (Clementine)
Astrid Williamson (Eve)
Night Beds (Ramona)
Electric Guest (Jenny)
Trails And Ways (Tereza)
San Fermin (Daedalus)


Photo credit: Eva’s glamour from David Szauder’s Failed Memory series.

“One day she wasn’t able to drink water anymore, just champagne. But from the bubbles which is highly consists in the champagne she become paranoid.”

The Magic Part Of Life

Amanda BlakeFlyte (Chasing Heaven)
Sway Clarke II (I Don’t Need Much)
Marika Hackman (Retina Television)
Jesse Woods (Gold In The Air)
Spring Offensive (Carrier)
Mausi (Disney Films)
Marian Hill (Lovit)
Vandaveer (Divide and Conquer)
Just Handshakes (Bright Lights)
Kathryn Williams (Heart Shaped Stone)
Bowerbirds (Tuck The Darkness In)
Magic Island (Baby Blu)
We Are Loud Whispers (This Time)
Tei Shi (Nevermind The End)
Day Bodine (Sort Of Lullaby)

Photo credit: 15 people holding on to that which will determine their fate by Amanda Blake

Bella Italia

Sophia and MarcelloFranco Battiato – Prospettiva Nevski
Gianmaria Testa – Al mercato di Porta Palazzo
Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spine –Il cammello e il Dromedario
Rino Gaetano – Sfiorivano le viole
Francesco De Gregori – Buenos Aire
Fred Buscaglione – Eri piccola
Giorgio Conte – Canellonni
Renato Carosone –Pigliate ‘na pastiglia
Simone Cristicchi – Mi manchi
Ornella Vanoni, Vinicius De Moraes & Toquinho – La voglia la pazzia
Lucio Battisti – Si, viaggare
Angelo Branduardi – Piccola canzone dei contrari
Jovanotti – Fango
Adriano Celentano – La cumbia di chi cambia
Mia Martini – Inno
Paolo Conte– Le tue parole per me
Vinicio Capossela – Le sirene
Biagio Antonacci – Buona notte

Photo credit: Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in a film still of “Ieri, oggi, domani” (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow), 1963.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Reg and Dorothy CalvertStepdad (Must Land Running)
NGHTWRKS (Long Forgotten Boy)
STRFKR (Atlantis)
Young Galaxy (Pretty Boy)
Crookers (Cooler Couleur – feat. Yelle)
HNNY (Boy)
When Saints Go Machine (Fail Forever)
Tricky (Bonnie & Clyde)
Darkside (Paper Trails)
Heavenly Beat (Honest)
Lover Lover (Freebirds)
Wiz Khalifa (The Thrill)
Misun (Harlot)
Parra For Cuva (Swept Away)
Hot Natured (Alternate State – feat. Roisin Murphy)
Convaire (Talk In Technicolour)
Alice Phoebe Lou & KlangKuenstler (Amsterdam)
Desire (Mirror Mirror)

Photo credit: Reg and Dorothy Calvert lowering the giant mirror ball down to street level at Portland Place.


Pluviophile (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Jacob Robert PriceBaths (Miasma Sky)
Jungle (Drops)
Gang Colours (Invisible In Your City)
Wilsen (Dusk)
Airhead (Autumn)
Frederic Robinson (Rain – feat. Melanie Robinson)
Sumie (Show Talked Windows)
Superhumanoids (Bad Weather)
Us Baby Bear Bones (Rain)
Woman’s Hour (Thunder)
Wild Nothing (The Body In Rainfall)
The Pond (The River)
Little Dragon (After The Rain)
Jamie Isaac (Grey Motion – feat. Amane)
Kins (Post Tropical Storm)
Raffertie (Rain / Teebs Remix)
Nev Cottee (Close Your Eyes)

Photo credit: “Untitled” by Jacob Robert Price.

It Reminds Me Of Something

Michael CarsonJosephine Foster (Blood Rushing)
Miwa Gemini (The Other Half Of Me)
Bahamas (Lost In The Light)
Hilary Parkin (How Long Has It Been Going On)
Cass McCombs (Brighter! – feat. Karen Black)
Laura Gibson (La Grande), Woods (Cali In A Cup)
Treetop Flyers (Things Will Change)
Jessie Baylin (Hurry Hurry)
Rick Redbeard (Now We’re Dancing)
Mariee Sioux (Swimming Through Stone)
Sean Rowe (The Walker)
Jessica Pratt (Night Faces)
Tiny Ruins (Adelphi Apartments)
Kevin Morby (Miles, Miles, Miles)
La Luz (Call Me In The Day)

Photo credit: “Pink Dress” by Michael Carson.

The Title

The TitleDenai Moore (Everything)
The Growlers (Humdrum Blues)
Adam Stafford (Ghostly Arms)
Blaenavon (Wunderkind)
Sivu (Better Man Than He)
Cosmo Sheldrake (The Fly)
Rainbow Chan (Fools Gold)
Fe (Giddy Up)
Papa (Young Rut)
Beaty Heart (Lekka Freakout)
Deafkid (Vigilante)
Phoria (Red)
Dead Times (Centuries)
Blood Cultures (Indian Summer)
Milosh (This Time)
Scenic (Hours On End)

Photo credit: “The Title” poster designed by Barfutura


EggshellsJunip (Walking Lightly)
Born Ruffians (With An Ax)
Parks, Squares and Alleys (Youth)
Autre Ne Veut (Counting)
MØ (Never Wanna Know)
Outfit (House On Fire)
The Features (This Disorder)
Haerts (All The Days)
Empty Pools (Small Talk)
The Dodos (Confidence)
Au Revoir Simone (Crazy)
The Stoop Kids (The Groove)
Young Fathers (I Heard)
Birthmark (Shake Hands)
Tiger Tsunami (Antarctica)
Maasai (Memories)
Ásgeir (King and Cross)
Andrew Belle (Pieces)
Carousel Beach (Phosphorescent Green)


Photo credit: Eggshells by Sheena Colleen


Step Inside This House

Step inside my house babe / I’ll sing for you a song / I’ll tell you ’bout where i’ve been / It shouldn’t take too long / I’ll show you all the things i own / My treasures you might say / Couldn’t be more’n ten dollars worth / But they brighten up my day…― Lyle Lovett

Rebekka SealeTift Merritt (Mixtape)
The Rockingbirds (Now I Do)
Justin Townes Earle (Down On The Lower East Side)
Samantha Crain (Scissor Tales)
Lay Low (The Reason Why My Heart’s In Misery)
Josh T. Pearson (Sorry With A Song)
Langhorne Slim (Yer Wrong)
Richmond Fontaine (The Mechanic’s Life)
Lisa Hannigan (Flowers)
Beachwood Sparks (Forget The Song)
Frontier Ruckus (Eyelashes)
Shannon Stephens (World In My Eyes)
The Be Good Tanyas (Scattered Leaves)
Kurt Wagner & Courtney Tidwell (She Came Around Last Night)
The Lone Bellow (Teach Me To Know)
Shakey Graves (Bully’s Lament)
Audra Mae (The River)
Paul Burch (Please Send For Me)
Townes Van Zandt (Snowin’ On Raton)

Photo credit: House portrait by Rebekka Seale

Connect The Dots

Kumi YamashitaValerie June (Workin’ Woman Blues)
Cheyenne Marie Mize (Wishing Well)
Molly Nilsson (The Power Ballad)
Wild Belle (Love Like This)
Múm (Toothwheels)
Mariam The Believer (The String Of Everything)
Soldier’s Heart (African Fire)
Nagaiire (Dirty Hercules)
Doprah (Whatever You Want)
Chinawoman (Kiss In Taksim Square)
Diana (Perpetual Surrender)
Tristen (No One’s Gonna Know)
Pillowfight/Dan the Automator & Emily Wells (Used To Think)
Wolf Alice (Bros)
Polly Scattergood (Other Too Endless)
Empress Of (Hat Trick)
Susanne Sundfør (White Foxes)
Darkness Falls (The Void)
Misun (Battlefields)

Photo credit: Constellation by Kumi Yamashita.