One Hundred Happy Mondays

One hundred Mondays with you. Thanks for being there!

Daisuke NimuraMoonbabies (24)
Conner Youngblood (Mercury)
Bent Shapes (Trouble)
Lyon & Lowe (One Million Chances)
Pranava Mantra (Old Room)
Surf Club (Until Then)
The Weather Station With Marine Dreams (First Letter)
Be Good (I’d Have Told You Anything)
Ages And Ages (Divisionary (Do The Right Thing))
Vanessa Contenay Qui├▒ones (La Fille De L’Air)
Joey Fourr (Gold Boy)
Decent Lovers (Compromising Young Thing)
Peter Matthew Bauer (Philadelphia Raga)
Louds (Ways)
Seasick Mama (Cooked Inside Out)
Deep Sea Diver (One By One)
SOS (Dead Or Alive)
Hahah (Out Of Touch)
Sye Elaine Spence (Bloom)

Photo credit: Illustration by Daisuke Nimura

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