NostalgiaVetiver (Roll On Babe)
The Sleepy Jackson (Miniskirt)
The Go Find (The Party)
Zoos Of Berlin (Doctor Vine Passing)
The Elected (Not Going Home)
French Kicks (Close To Modern)
Dent May (Met Me In The Garden)
Spoon (Rhythm & Soul)
Gruff Rhys (Candylion)
Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern (Compilation Cassette)
Dylan Mondegreen (Last Day Of Harvest)
Papercuts (Dear Employee)
Beulah (Me And Jesus Don’t Talk Anymore)
The Old Ceremony (Same Difference)
Holy Fuck (Lovely Allen)
Small Black (Despicable Dogs)
The Mint Chicks (Red White Or Blue)
The Vines (Winning Days)
Department Of Eagles (No One Does It Like You)
Alias & Tarsier (Plane That Draws A White Line)
Blonde Redhead (Messenger – feat. David Sylvian)
Chinawoman (Party Girl)

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