Is It Over Yet?

From Us With LoveMemoryhouse (This Will Be Our Year)
The Windmills (When It Was Winter)
Mindy Gledhill (Winter Moon)
The Royal Landscaping Society (Frost)
Worries (Those Days)
Fresh Snow (Snow’s Victory)
Erin Costelo (Let It Go)
Maps (In The Bleak Midwinter – feat. Polly Scattergood)
Clemence Freschard (Bad Year)
Alexander Von Mehren (Winter Comes)
The Heavy Blinkers (I Should Be Sleeping – feat. Sean O’Hagan)
Pale Sunday (The Winter Song)
Ides (Old Year/New Year)
Charlotte Cornfield (Last Winter – feat. Chris Shannon)
Slipslide (Baked Alaska)
The Fairways (Winter Song)
Familiar Trees (Icicle)

Photo credit: California Coulter Pine Cone (Pinus Coulteri) Scale 1:1 Print designed by From Us With Love. And produced by Paper Collective. 15% of sales are donated to World Wide Foundation (WWF)

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