I Am In The Mood To Dissolve In The Sky

Person: How are you feeling today?
Virginia Woolf: Again, my mind vibrates uncomfortably as it always does. Actually, I am overwhelmed with things I ought to have written about and never found the proper words. I do not let myself think. This is a fact. I cannot face much of the meaning. Shut my mind to anything but work and bowls. And I wonder as I let the month run through my fingers: Can I get out of it? Out of it all? Truth is, I feel all shadows of the universe multiplied deep inside my skin. (Isn’t it all dust and ashes?) I am impressed by the transitoriness of human life to such an extent that I am often saying a farewell…and my heart currently resembles the ashes of my cigarettes; In fact, I’m in the mood to dissolve in the sky.

— Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry dated 1 July 1918.

Vanessa Bell

Ashtray (Trantelle)
Jack Ladder (Come On Back This Way – feat. Sharon Van Etten)
Dead Coast (Hills Made Of Sand)
Juan Wauters (This Is I)
Spaceman (Dead Baum)
Jimmy Whispers (Summer In Pain)
Beach For Tiger (Coco)
Will Millers (Bills – feat. Rosa)
Free Weed (Later)
Donovan Blanc (That Summer Ago)
Michael Rault (Lovers Lie)
Ultimate Painting (Ultimate Painting)
Loose Meat (Circular Motions)
The Grubby Mitts (Worm Of Eternal Return)
Red Crickets (Little Comfort)

Photo credit: Vanessa Bell. Byzantine Lady, 1912. © 1961 Estate of Vanessa Bell, courtesy Henrietta Garnett /courtesy of the UK Government Art Collection. Radical Bloomsbury at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

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