Handsome Voices

Olimpio FuscoBelgian Fog (Loveless Way)
Cosmo Sheldrake (The Moss)
Sin Fang (Only Eyes)
Jesse Davidson (Big Bois Gotta Eat)
Sweet Baboo (You Are The Best Beach That I Know)
The Landing (Strange Charm)
Timber Timbre (Hot Dreams)
Sivu (Coldhands)
Dent May (Born Too Late)
Dalton Solo (Only Names)
Shoemansky (The Good Men)
Fryars (The Power)
William Bolton (Diamons)
Sam & Raw (Strange)
Eli Mardock (Cut Me Open)
Matt Duncan (Lone Ranger)
Day Bodine (Save)
Grey Reverend (Everlasting)
Jeremy Messersmith (Organ Donor)
Hayden Calnin (Coward)
Raj (Ghost)


Photo credit:┬áJohn Singer Sargent’s Head of Olimpio Fusco

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