Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Alexandra EthellHabibi (Let Me In)
La Luz (T.V. Dream)
The Casket Girls (Same Side)
Echo & The Empress (One More Tear)
Summer Twins (Forget Me)
Echo And Maw (Float Away)
The Gladeyes (Honey Pie)
Stealing Sheep (Your Saddest Song)
Chaos Chaos (Across The Map)
Chastity Belt (Black Sail)
Dott (Talk To You)
Pins (Get With Me)
Punkake (Vanilla Dreams)
Bleached (Dead In Your Head)
Frankie Rose And The Outs (Little Brown Haired Girls)
First Aid Kit (On The Road Again)
The Staves (Wisely And Slow)
Beaches (Distance)

Photo credit: The best of physical education, collage by Alexandra Ethel

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