Girl Friends

Maysun Cheikh AliCheers Elephant (People)
Beaty Heart (Banana Bread)
The Burning Hell (Sentimentalist)
Lyla Foy (Left To Wonder)
Delete All Contacts (Traps)
Freedom Fry (With The New Crowd)
Castanets (Out For The West)
Seoul (White Morning)
Audio Fauna (Silent Peace)
Louie And Patrick (Everything, You Know?)
Astronauts (Everything’s A System, Everything’s A Sign)
Elder Island (What It’s Worth)
Siren (I Think I Like You)
Raleigh Ritchie (The Chased)
Beach Youth (On The Way)
FĂ© (50/50)
The Landing (Anxieties)

Photo credit: Embroidery work by artist May Cheikh Ali

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