Get Well Soon

Clare ElsaesserSpring King (Not Me, Not Now)
Bahamas (Stronger Than That)
Frugal Father (Smothering Mother)
Peggy Sue (Say What You Mean)
The Shivas (You Make Me Want To Die)
The Fisherman (If She Wants To Leave, She Will)
The Sea Life Music (Transitions)
Fake Laugh (Freely)
Just Another Snake Cult (Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere?)
Volcano Choir (Island, IS)
Jacob Trombetta (Waveguide)
Soldier’s Heart (New Housie)
Majestic (Metal)
The Embassy (Related Artist)
The Golden Dregs (A Life Aquatic)
Jim Ruiz Set (Miss Fortunate)
J Mascis (Wide Awake)
Laetitia Sadier (Then, I Will Love You Again)
Mariam The Believer (To Conquer Pain With Love)

Photo credit: So Much by Clare Elsaesser

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