Dancing On My Own

Marga CorametaConner Youngblood (Confidence)
All We Are (Feel Safe)
Elephant (Elusive Youth)
Sway Clarke II (Secret Garden)
RLMDL (Bilingual)
Airling (Ouroboros)
Lowell (The Bells)
Glass Animals (Rework – feat. Chester Watson)
Daniel Wilson (Please Dream Again)
Wake Owl (Candy)
Francis And The Lights (If They Don’t Come Tomorrow)
Kyla La Grange (Cut Your Teeth)
Timothy Bloom (Stand In The Way (Of My Love))
Mahaut Mondino (Vodoo Me)
Zoo Brother (If I Could (You Would Know))
Khushi (Phantoms)
Sales (Chinese New Year)
Bea1991 (Breadwinner)
Fort Jams (Jacket Inside)
The Blow (From The Future)
Wye Oak (The Tower)
Woman’s Hour (Darkest Place)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Lonely Woman)


Photo credit: Dancing with myself, by Marga Corameta

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