Bridges Worth Burning

Bo BartlettThe Big Moon (The Road)
Old Mate (Atmospheric Pressure)
Heather Woods Broderick (Up In the Pine)
Appendixes (Persian Rugs)
Unloved (Guilty Of Love)
Death And Vanilla (Follow The Light)
Chris Staples (Cheap Shades)
Sharon Van Etten (Words)
Kevin Morby (Moonshiner)
Shelf Life (The Curse)
Alden Penner (Candy)
Helvetia (A Dot Running For The Dust)
Fever The Ghost (Peace Crimes)
Hayden (Nowhere We Cannot Go)
Paul de Jong (This Is Who I Am)
Amy Bezunartea (New Villain)
Leithauser Maroon (Proud Irene)


Photo credit: Signal, oil on linen painting by Bo Bartlett

Froth On The Daydream

Ana VenturaSpires (Parallel Lines)
Moses Gunn Collective (Hole In The Wall)
Sunbeam Sound Machine (Getting Young)
Screaming Peaches (Regina)
Akiine (Paranormal Activity)
New Pharaohs (Empire)
Sego (Towland)
Crepes (Size Of Your Town)
Oberhofer (Sun Halo)
Here We Go Magic (Dancing World)
Parks, Squares And Alleys (We’re Just Not Friends)
Saltwater Sun (Making Eyes)
Company Of Selves (Presidential Model)
Stephen Steinbrink (I Don’t Know How To Deal With It)
Jesse Davidson (Lagoon)
Hd Hausmann (Old Satellites)

Photo credit: Take Care, print by Ana Ventura

The Greatest Secrets Are Always Hidden In The Most Unlikely Places

Kajsa KlaesenBabes (I’ve Got A Reason To Keep On Living)
Terribly Yours (Answered Prayers)
Mezko (Golden)
Air Waves (Horse Race – feat. Jana Hunter)
Gold Celeste (Open Your Eyes)
Level & Tyson (Tied Up)
Gabriella Cohen (I Don’t Feel So Alive)
Grass House (Unknown In The Scene)
M.I.L.K. (Everything You Know)
Le Printemps (Can’t Have You)
Gardens & Villa (Everybody)
Pearl Charles (I Ran So Far)
The Color Waves (Chirology)
Luke Reed (Across The Room)
Teenagre (Peace Out)
Good Try (Get Me)
Early Ghost (Now I Always Wonder If I Like It Here)

Photo credit: Beach Treasures, illustration poster by Kajsa Klaesén

No Refuge From Memory

Raymond DepardonMates Of State (Beautiful Kids)
C-Duncan (Here To There)
In Tall Buildings (Unmistakable)
Redspencer (Ride It Out)
Eskimeaux (Broken Necks)
Winter (Someone Like You)
Kathryn Calder (Take A Little Time)
Small Talk (Brothers)
A Yawn Worth Yelling (Start Somewhere)
Husbands (Some Surf)
Street Joy (Grow A Garden)
Born Idiot (Peter Pan)
Ezra Furman (Lousy Connection)
Trudy (All My Love)
Mind Monogram (Through The Looking Glass)
Michael Stasis (Venus Of Soap)

Photo credit: Glasgow, 1980. Photograph by Raymond Depardon

To Have, To Make, To Be

IcinoriTV Girl (She Smokes In Bed)
Mild High Club (Windowpane)
The Good Sports (Tell Me Why)
Alex Bleeker And The Freaks (Don’t Look Down)
Home School (Mellow Neighbour)
Fake Laught (Kinda Girl)
Martin Courtney (Vestiges)
Bahamas (Waves)
Peter Bibby (Hate My Boozin’)
Regla (Big Smoke)
The Madcaps (Moon Night)
Porches (Mood)
Anika (I Go To Sleep)
Mega Bog (Year Of Patience)
Stanley Brinks & Freschard (If You Have Time)
Oberhofer (Feeling Sad)
Hungry Cloud Darkening (Hold This Moment)

Photo credit: Cover for Hors Cadres magazine by Icinori

Quite Contrary

Houndstooth (No News From Home)
Two Sheds (I Am My Own)
Rozi Plain (Friend City)
Girlpool (Before The World Was Big)
Natalie McCool (Pins)
Vök (Waterfall)
Band Of Gold (But In the Movie Baby)
Summer Camp (Beyond Clueless)
Stealing Sheep (Greed)
Jack + Eliza (Diamonds)
Maria Minerva (The Beginning)
Jenny Hval (The Battle Is Over)
Salvadarlings (Another Phase)
Part-Time Friends (Home)
Wilsen (Garden)
Lyla Foy (Place Too Low)
Saba Lou (Until The End)

Photo credit: Illustration by Marie Assénat

Long Ago And Far Away

Joseph DomjanOrchestre Franco /Congo/ (Je t’attends)
Bobby Benson /Nigeria/ (Niger Mambo)
Rosendo Ruiz Jr. /Cuba/ (La Jicotea)
Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors /Jamaica/ (Love Is Blue)
Yara Family /Japan/ (Shirahama Blues)
José Alfonso /Portugal/(Galinhas Do Mato)
Edson Duarte /Brazil/ (Mania De Apitar)
Lucho Neves /Peru/ (Mambo De Machaguay)
Ebo Taylor /Ghana/ (Amponsah)
Hiran’ny Tanoran’ny Ntao Lo /Madagascar/ (Oay Lahy E)
The Lijadu Sisters /Nigeria/ (Orere-Elejigbo)
Inezita Barroso /Brazil/ (Seleção De Maracatus)
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou /Benin/ (Min We Tun So)
Star Band de Dakar /Senegal/ (Cherie Coco)

Photo credit: “Unicorn” woodcut by Joseph Domjan, (Hungary/New York, 1907-1992)

The Years Go Fast And The Days Go So Slow

Delphine CaulyStarlight Girls (Flutterby)
Devon Williams (Revelations)
The Elected (Babyface)
Robyn Hitchcock (Be Still)
Dumbo Gets Mad (Plumy Tale)
Jessie Baylin (Little Trouble Girl)
The Very Most (Changing Me)
Woods (God’s Children)
Bubblegum Lemonade (You’re Still Beautiful When You’re Sad)
The Orchids (I Just Don’t Care)
Black Tambourine (Whats Your Game)
Fujiya & Miyagi (Knickerbocker)
Should (Just Not Today)
Fossil Collective (Guaratuba)
The Stalactite Singers Family Band (The Lights)
Archaster (I Love You More Than Summertime)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Dreamers Die Hard)
Dark Dark Dark (How It Went Down)

Photo credit: Diabolo Menthe, ink and gouache on paper by Delphine Cauly

My Friends Are Awesome

Melissa ZexterJohnny Sands (Arno Arno)
Champs (Vamala)
San Fermin (Emily)
Fazerdaze (Jennifer)
Coastgaard (Rose)
Gap Dream (Fantastic Sam)
Kissing Party (Justine)
Minks (Margot)
Breakfast (Sofia)
Conveyor (Anne)
Stealing Sheep (Genevieve)
Lightning Bug (Bobby)
Sulky Boy (Carmela)
Schultz And Forever (Silvia)
Djokovic (Edmund)
Celestial Shore (Valerie)

Photo credit: Cardinal, embroidered portrait by Melissa Zexter

The Party Is Over

Sato KanaeVirginia Wing (World Contact)
King Of Cats (Ulcers) Weaves
(Do You See The Past)
Tele Novella (Trouble In Paradise)
The Phantom Band (The Wind That Cried The World)
Fat White Family (Yellow Woman)
The Ocean Party (Wading In)
Pat Thomas (Not Right Now)
Mutual Benefit (Auburn Epitaphs)
Balue (Get The One)
Breakfast In Fur (Portrait)
Split Screens (Stand Alone)
Silver Hills (Plasticine Daydream)
Los Angeles Police Department (She Came Through Again)
Kevin Morby (Parade)

Photo credit: Illustration by Sato Kanae