Across The Desert

DesertThe Vryll Society (Air)
Tempest (Too Slow)
Sample Answer (Good Boy)
Tuff Love (Carbon)
Captions (Two Step)
The Abigails (Calm Before The Storm)
Alice Phoebe Lou (Walking In The Garden)
William Z. Villain (Anybody Gonna Move?)
Ultimate Painting (Break The Chain)
Michael Nau (Winter Beat)
Lee Reit (Dream Another Night)
Smile (Boundless Plains To Share)
Quiet Hollers (Mont Blanc)
Let’s Say We Did (Sometimes Every Second Is A Dream)
Teen Daze (Along)
Psychic Ills (I Don’t Mind – feat. Hope Sandoval)

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Unheard Melodies Are Sweeter

Will BarnetChelsea Wolf (The Way We Used To)
Cults (Most Wanted)
Phèdre (Love Ablaze)
Crystal Stilts (Dark Eyes)
Hush! (There’s Something In The Stars Tonight)
Dean Wareham (Holding Pattern)
Tashaki Miyaki (Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’)
Sean Nicholas Savage (Chin Chin)
Girls Names (Pittura Infamante)
Suuns (2020)
Jesse Ruins (Dream Analysis)
Love Inks (Leather Glove)
Christine Owman (Familiar Act – feat. Mark Lanegan)
Lisa Papineau/Jun Miyake (The Here And After)
John Maus (Hey Moon – Molly Nilsson cover)
Alice Boman (Waiting)

Photo credit: Youth (1974) Color lithograph by Will Barnet (detail)


Hinke SchreuderThe Bulls (Prudence)
Sales (Jamz)
Phoncurves (Heartstrings)
Terribly Yours (Barbara)
Leisure Suite (Feel)
Lovespeake (Tightrope)
Lastlings (Verona)
Arthur Wimble (Hearts)
Dråpe (Replica)
Private Island (Drugs)
Plaza (Again)
Lower Spectrum (Masquerade)
Alma Elste (Limitless)
Bebeheaven (Heaven)
Dorian Pimpernel (Power)
Albert Ryan (Runner)

Photo credit: embroidery work by Hinke Schreuder

Time Lapse

Mouni FeddagShining Bird (Rivermouth)
Joy Crookes (New Manhattan)
Kevin Morby (I Have Been To The Mountain)
Tiny Deaths (The Gardener)
Willis Earl Beal (Survive)
Yes (Beautiful Mess)
Anderson Paak (The Bird)
Clea (Dire Consequences)
Stello NYC (Pretty Thing)
Favela (Blinker)
Purple Pilgrims (Thru Evry Cell)
The Walters (I Love You So)
Lanterns On The Lake (Through The Cellar Door)
Twin Cabins (Painfully Obvious)
EinarIndra (Sometimes I’m Wrong)
The Bernard Lakes (The Motorway)
Mesita (Epilogue)

Photo credit: Cover for an issue of Epigram/e2, student magazine at the University of Bristol, by illustrator Mouni Feddag

So Many Hours Of My Life

Caryn DrexlBalanescu Quartet (Aria)
Hauschka (La Dilettante)
Reza (Babel)
Haiku Salut (Los Elefantes)
Jun Miyake (Lilies In The Valley)
Negro (Paz y permanencia)
Tülpa (Für Elise – Tülpa Remix)
K. Leimer (Gisella)
Tommy Guerrero (The Lonely And The Only)
Rene Aubry (Lungomare)
G.T. Moore (Thanksgiving)
Woodbine & Ivy Band (Sleep On Sleeping On)
Dave McKeown (Long Live Nigun)
Asita Hamidi’s Bazaar (Mantra Lullaby)

Photo credit: Conjuring, self portrait by Caryn Drexl

Keep Your Chin Up

Solve SundsboHugh (Almost Done, Almost There)
Freedom Fry (The Words)
Teleman (Dusseldorf)
Agua Roja (Joey)
Remi Miles (Under Light Symphonies)
Savoir Adore (Lovers Wake)
Living (Cerulean)
Palmas (I Want To Know Your Love)
Diane Coffee (Everyday)
Banana Peels (Ave – feat. Britt Tolliver)
Michael Christmas (Big Ass Smile)
The Derevolutions (Purple, Gold & White)
Brett (Street Cleaning)
Haarm (Foxglove)
Azure Blue (Tragedy & Changes)
Tessera Skies (Such Great Heights “Raindrops”)

Photo credit: Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italy

Fantasías animadas de ayer y hoy

MexicoCentavrvs (Fumemos un cigarrillo – feat. Carla Morrison)
Valgur (Besos de canela)
The Chamanas (Las Penas)
Caloncho (Pasa el tiempo)
Centavrvs (Colibrí)
Mariel Mariel (Foto pa ti)
Quiero Club (Gran antigüedad)
Daniel Dennis (Cien años)
Ulises Hadjis (Lo haré)
Jardín (Fluir)
Los Freddy’s (Déjenme llorar)
Los Románticos de Zacatecas (Música romántica)
Mi Sobrino Memo (Melancólico)
Little Jesus (Norte: la canción)
Haciendo el mal (Tengo que decirte)
Espumas y Terciopelo (Flores)
Salma Hayek (La bruja)


Photo credit: Mexican Art & Life No. 1 (Jan. 1938). UTSA Libraries Special Collections.

Paradise Lost

Viviane SassenBritta Phillips (One Fine Summer Morning)
Michael Nau (Smooth Aisles)
Snøskred (Mirage)
The Haiduks (Diamond Drop)
The Limiñanas (Garden Of Love – feat. Peter Hook)
Gold Celeste (The Wonder Of Love)
Stranded Horse (Monde)
Mu (16 Years)
Adesuwa (Coach Class)
Okay Kaya (Keep On Pushin’)
Kadhja Bonet (This Love)
Johnny Jewel (Prayer To St. Therese – feat. Chloë Sevigny)
Masasolo (Really Thought She Loved Me)
Tellef Raabe (Flying On The Ground)
Frances Cone (Arizona)
Karl Blau (Fallin’ Rain)

Photo credit: Ivy (Parasomnia) by Viviane Sassen

Sorry I’m Late

Nyssa SharpCancioneira (PrimaVera)
Tiny Ruins (Straw Into Gold)
Hear Images (Hazy Plains)
Kristy Mcgee (Sandman)
George Cosby (Vacant Grace)
Whitney (No Woman)
Daniel Martin Moore (To Make It True)
Okay Kaya (I’m Stupid But I Love You)
I Have A Tribe (Medicine From Calgary)
Cross Record (Steady Waves)
Carter Tanton (Twentynine Palms – feat. Sharon Van Etten)
Simon Joyner (You Got Under My Skin)
Jenny Gillespie (Part Potawatomi)
Lion Bark (You And Me)
Growling Tongue (Are You For Real)
Aidan Knight (What Light Never Goes Dim)
Anna von Hausswolff (An Oath)

Photo credit: Girl with the yellow skirt, by Nyssa Sharp

Holding On For Tomorrow

Willy PoganyHolly Golightly (Seven Wonders)
Basia Bulat (Fool)
Elvis Perkins (Hogus Pogus)
Islands (Back Into It)
Emily Wells (Don’t Use Me Up)
Monte Booker (Baby – feat. Ravyn Lenae)
The Como Mamas (Out Of Wilderness)
Abram Shook (Chelsea Walls)
Calvin Love (Automaton)
Yann Tiersen (A Midsummer Evening)
The Weather Machine (Peach)
Frankie Cosmos (Sinister)
Violent Femmes (Love Love Love Love Love)
Strawberry Whiplash (This Is All We Have)
Ultimate Painting (I’ve Got The Sanctioned Blues)
The Lemons (JJ’s House)
H. Hawkline (Everybody’s On The Line)
Laura Gibson (The Cause)
Father John Misty (Maybe, Sweet One, You Won’t Have Nightmares Tonight)

Photo credit: Illustration from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Willy Pogany (1882-1955). Published in 1942 by David McKay.