Candy Beats

Gray MalinMajken (Where It All Begins)
Ladada (Comets)
Nice Legs (Three)
The Moles (Beauty Queen Of Watts)
Phox (1936)
Musique Le Pop (Mateo)
Prinze George (Make Me)
The Ropes (I Want It All, So I Can Have Nothing)
Blood Orange (It Is What It Is)
Pranava Mantra (Youth)
Champs (White Satellite)
Kyla La Grange (The Knife)
Teenagre (Visitor)
Black Linen (Mental)
These Ghosts (Coat Of Feathers)
Charlie Sugarloaf (Everybody Was Somebody’s Baby)
Happyness (Leave The Party)

Photo credit: Coney Island, photograph by Gray Malin

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