Be My Valentine

ampersandVarious Cruelties (If It Wasn’t For You)
Diana (Strange Attraction)
Bipolar Sunshine (Love More Worry Less)
Femme (Heartbeat)
Gap Dream (Shine Your Love)
Mzwètwo (I’d Go Back On My Heart)
Serengeti (Wedding)
Martin Creed (You’re The One For Me)
Tashaki Miyaki (Keep Me In Mind)
Pacificuv (American Lovers)
Surahn (Watching The World)
The Postelles (Pretend It’s Love)
Alice Jemima (By Your Side)
Olivia Broadfield (Call Love)
Yumi Zouma (A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers)
Spectrals (7th Date)
Boxed In (All Your Love Is Gone)
Jonathan Wilson (Love To Love)

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