Damn Monday Sessions are music sessions crafted with love to illuminate Mondays

I am the woman who makes the sessions with my headphones on: my name is Ana Cárdenas, I am from Spain. I am a benevolent creator. Mother of one. Beauty lover. A chef at home. I do graphic and web design for a living. And I can’t go a day without music.

This project began in April 2013 thanks to my friend Rubén López, who encouraged me to do something with our common addiction to music. So I started to make some music playlists. He later interviewed me in his latest project’s magazine It Reminds Me Of Something, an Art & Craft Gallery of absolutely marvelous objects in Barcelona, that was named after one of my sessions. He asked me to explain a bit more about what is this all about. You can read it here (in Spanish).

I have been doing this non-stop every Monday for more than three years. For some time now the sessions do not have a weekly frequency, but I am reluctant to abandon this task that gives me so much satisfaction  For me is somehow like when, back in the day, I used to carefully craft a mixed cassette tape or cd for a friend or crush. I like to tell a story in each session, sometimes personal and often mysterious. The image is fundamental, defining. The title suggests, explains or brings up some kind of truth. And above all, the songs weave the story. I do this all by myself and, so the songs are picked by only a human, not a robot or an algorithm.

The spirit of the project, present from the beginning, is to be a Radio: compile every week an hour of music with the songs of independent musicians, mostly undiscovered, and the publications of small record labels, …well, also the big or emblematic once in a while, but always trying to stay away from the mainstream.

Discovering new music is a very powerful emotion. I hope it is for you the same as it is for me and that this will help you illuminate some of your Mondays.

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