A Stranger’s Comforting Hand On Your Shoulder

Charles F LummisLyla Foy (Only Human)
Scrimshire (Beached)
Kadhja Bonet (Tears For Lamont)
Dan Amor (Sister Anne)
Johnny Lloyd (Dead Beat)
Luluc (Small Window)
Tops (Sleeptalker)
Horse Thief (Little Dust)
Castanets (Tell Them Memphis)
Hayden Calnin (Comatose)
Left Right Arms (Casement)
Furns (Dreaming Of The Sea)
Erland & The Carnival (Daughter)
The Feather (What If)
Brooke Sharkey (I Crossed The Line)
Kwamie Liv (5 AM)
Cold Specks (Holland)

Photo credit: My Smallest Sitter. Photograph of a hummingbird perched on someone’s hand by Charles F. Lummis (1891).

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