21 Cups Of Tea

Lissy ElleHoneyblood (Bud)
Midnight Bonfires (Even In The Dark)
Hugh (Look Back In Laughter)
Patawawa (Charmer – feat. Beth Garret)
Glass Animals (Psylla)
Soak (Blud)
Golden Glow (The Scene)
No Middle Name (When Forever Ends)
Chapel Club (Shy)
Plastic Mermaids (Polaroids)
Lion Bark (Two Prongs)
Blessa (Between Times)
Hella Better Dancer (Sleeptalking)
Mind Enterprises (My Girl)
Twin Graves (Brothers)
Elvis Wesley (The Eclipse)
Scorpioloon (Toronto Blues)
Virginia Wing (Donna’s Gift)
Alexander Teller (Like A Dog)
Naomi Hates Humans (Death Of A Party)
Crayola Lectern (Billennia)


Photo credit: How Alicia Hides by Lissy Elle

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